Female Founder Feature: Alyssa Crockett & Megan Bianchi, Stay Sexy

Q: Thank you for joining me for this chat! It's been such a pleasure getting to know all the brilliant women behind the Skirt Club Boutique, and I've really been looking forward to getting to know the talents behind Stay Sexy (@staysexyshop). Where is your company based? Is that where you're speaking from today? Is that where you got your start?

A: Hi! We’re joining you from Stay Sexy HQ in the U.S., in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Stay Sexy was founded on a road trip to California. Just two girls talking about fun things like sex and life and what we wanted but couldn’t find.

Founders Megan Bianchi & Alyssa Crockett

Q: Obviously, we love that you’re female led. I also love that you're cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan! Are those the values that drive your company? Or was it something else specific that got you into this business?

A: Being cruelty free and clean was one of the drivers. We wanted to bring products to the market that were 100% healthy for women that we also wanted to buy. Everything we were seeing as consumers was either clinical or porn star. We wanted products that integrated into our lifestyle and made us feel feminine and chic and sexy; where beauty meets sexual wellness. That meant high quality ingredients with covetable packaging. You know... that luxe lube next to your Jo Malone on your nightstand. Or condoms that make you smile and they look so good you want to carry them in your purse.

Our biggest driver was bringing female pleasure out in the open. Stay Sexy celebrates the feminine and female pleasure. It shouldn’t be taboo. Women should be able to talk about their pleasure and explore it without shame. We are beautiful, creative creatures and the products we use should amplify that!

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Q: Oh how lush. We are beautiful, creative creatures! What about other women thinking of getting into business? Is there anything you wish you could tell them?

A: It’s a bold leap but so worth it. We are lucky because our business is also founded in female friendship. Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times. Being best friends and business partners makes it easier and keeps it fun. As partners we bounce ideas off each other, complement each others’ strengths, and keep each other going during the rough times.

Q: Feminism is one of Skirt Club's core principles. What does feminism mean to you? And sisterhood?

A: We are fans of all women. Our brand is focused on the feminine feminist. We see feminism as empowering women to find freedom and pleasure and own it. Stay Sexy is all about self-expression, not through the male lens or society’s lens but our own eye. We want women to own it in the bedroom and the boardroom. Being a feminist means supporting other women and their choices, whether you agree with them or not. Femininity, at its core, doesn’t fit into a neat little box. Its mystery is too immense and unbridled to be contained. There’s power in sisterhood and women supporting each other. That’s one of many reasons we love working with other women led ventures, like Skirt Club!

Q: What drew you to Skirt Club?

A: The fantastic pictures! At first glance, Skirt Club looks like a luxe lingerie store come to life! But it’s so much more than that. We love that through Skirt Club women can be glamorous and empowered to explore their sexuality and desires with each other.
Q: Confession: I am totally in love with your Lace Bunny Ears and Lace Cat Ears. I'm dying to wear them to a Skirt Club Signature Party. What was the inspiration for that product and what was its development like?

A: We are dying to wear them to a Skirt Club party too! The lace ears were inspired by the classic Playboy bunny but with a feminine twist because you can wear them anywhere you want. We wanted something cheeky we could wear when out for a cocktail. They’re the perfect complement to any outfit now that lingerie has become outerwear.

Q: Cheeky indeed. We are so thrilled to have gotten the chance to speak to you. Thank you lovelies x

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