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Skirt Club in Chastity 
Tuesday 24th November 8pm GMT/10pm CET

Craving connection? With women who are fierce, feminine and fearless?

We’ve got just the ticket. Join us online and share a deeper level of connection. A safe space where women feel free to express and exist as their true authentic selves. Unleash your power and allow us to guide you in self-discovery.

Our weekly online event empowers the inquisitive to ask questions, share experiences, and coach each other in times of need. Join our sisterhood of support and solidarity and break free of chastity.


We are charging a small fee for Temptress members and keeping our weekly talks free for our paying members; Seductress and Enchantress. This will help support us stay afloat until we can be together again in real life.

Tickets are £5. Please register by clicking Get Tickets above.


Upgrade and get a FREE ticket. And enjoy the additional perks for Seductress and Enchantress tiers:
  • Access to guest list pre and post-event
  • Private message guests
  • Continue the conversation online with our 15k members

For £5 a month, we'll keep you seduced and enchanted. Discount is applied on check-out.


Zoom, wherever you are darling


8-10pm GMT
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Dress Code

Slip into something comfortable.


Code of Conduct
We want our virtual spaces to be safe for all women to share their authentic view points. Here are our rules:
1. Camera must be ON
2. NO males should be in the room or in earshot of the conversation (headphones are ok)
3. It's ALL confidential - thoughts shared on the chat stay between Skirt Club Sisters

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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