Hollywood Reporter – Jun 2017

Inside ‘Skirt Club,’ Hollywood and New York’s “High Glamour” Sex Party for Women Only

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It’s OK to wear nipple tape in L.A., writes best-selling author and cultural critic Wednesday Martin as she checks out the all-female gratification gathering and notices distinct differences across the coasts.

Here’s a sample of greetings that occur at the door of a women’s-only sex party in Los Angeles: “Hello, welcome. Are you on the list?”; “I’ve been looking for a studded leather bralette everywhere — love it”; “The dominatrix is warming up her sub,” aka submissive. The sex parties of Skirt Club — a roving, members-only, “high glamour underground community for women who like to play with women,” says founder Genevieve LeJeune — take place in Berlin, London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York City, Miami, San Francisco and, on June 3, in a downtown L.A. loft tricked out to look like a dungeon, where one producer with a rockin’ bod revealed she has several kids (some identifying details have been changed for anonymity): “This is so f—ing hot. Meanwhile, my to-do list today was potty train, do school drop-off and find sparkly duct tape for nipples.”

Most of the women who come for an evening of unabashed sapphism with Skirt Club identify as straight, says LeJeune, a former Bloomberg journalist currently married to a man. In response to an application question that’s part of the vetting process, some 60 percent identify between a 0 and a 2 on the Kinsey scale (which goes up to 6), meaning that they see themselves as anywhere from exclusively straight to “predominantly straight, but more than incidentally homosexual.” Many are in committed partnerships with men or have been. They are what University of Utah sex researcher Lisa Diamond calls “sexually fluid” — a tendency, seen more often in women, to be swayed by a feeling of connection, an opportunity or a supportive community, more than just the other’s gender — which in New York and Los Angeles manifests in surprisingly similar and different ways.

Exploring sexuality outside the dyad and far from the male gaze might seem trendy at a time when Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot is seen onscreen telling her love interest: “Men are essential for procreation but when it comes to pleasure, unnecessary.” It may also feel more valuable than ever, considering that a U.S. president was elected despite bragging about assault, or that Hulu’s series The Handmaid’s Tale, exploring a scenario in which women are mere vessels, is among the most-talked-about shows on prestige television today. Either way, LeJeune says the club began when she grew tired of former boyfriends leveraging her bisexuality to get threesomes. Sex parties were no better. She was put off by ick aesthetics and men being the producers, directors and stars of every encounter. “I wanted an elegant party all about female-centered pleasure,” as she put it, and she sensed she was not alone in her desires.

LeJeune was right. After a party for friends at her London home in 2013, Skirt Club has grown to 7,000 members and 30 parties annually. For $180 admission, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m, women who have been vetted drink champagne, hear from a sex positive speaker or performer and go at it. No men allowed.


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