Pop Sugar – Feb 2017

I Got a Taste of an All-Female Play Party and It Was Everything I Imagined, in the Best Way

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The guarded side entrance to a lounge I’ve been to a few times prior opened to its more intimate section that I had never appreciated before. Instead of blaring house music and a swarm of bodies, the space was only filled with a dozen gorgeous women dressed to the evening’s theme: night temptress. My editor and I were greeted with a smiling welcome and a glass of sparkling wine, and we spoke with the founder of Skirt Club, Geneviève LeJeune. Sitting at the end of the bar in a black lace bodysuit and fitted black pants, Geneviève began to tell us why she started this females-only play party (which also doubles as a professional networking club).

Before launching Skirt Club in 2014 in London, Geneviève felt certain pressures as a bisexual woman. Her boyfriend at the time expected her to be comfortable with frequent threesomes and sex clubs where women are viewed more like prey and playthings than equal participants. Skirt Club was then born as a safe place built on trust, community, and empowerment — and free of inhibitions.

“Women should be in charge of their own sexual desires.”

“Female sexuality is fluid — society is turning a page in modern-girl thinking of what ‘sexual attraction’ can mean. Skirt Club encourages that freedom of expression,” she said.

Skirt Club is grounded in modern feminism and the promotion of confidence. No men are allowed. In the last year, Geneviève has chosen to only interview with female journalists because some male writers reduced Skirt Club down to a sensationalized orgy, stripping away the very empowering ideals it was founded on. “Men write stories about sex, and women about female empowerment, sexual awakening, and intellectual stimulation,” she said. “In other words — real content.”

Skirt Club appeals primarily, but not exclusively, to bisexual and “bicurious” women who want to explore their sexuality, sometimes for the very first time. But many members are actually in heterosexual relationships and come to these gatherings for various reasons, like wanting to reawaken their sex lives, or just because they are seeking a safe and fun time. “It most certainly gives them a sense of liberation and total control of their sexual desires,” Geneviève said. “Plus, it’s new territory and forces them to break out of their shell. Learning to flirt with a woman is a whole new skill set that can set your heart and nerves on fire.”


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