Psychology Magazine – May 2017

Understanding Skirt Club
What can an all-women’s sex party teach us about our deepest selves?

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The words are scrawled across the entire page of the guest book of Skirt Club, a members-only, “high glamour” “underground community for girls who like to play with girls.” The YES is underlined three times. Other scribbled testimonials read, “You changed my life!” “I discovered a part of myself that I didn’t know was there!” “Best time of my life!” and “I will never be the same!” XOXOs and hearts abound.

There’s a lot of love for Skirt Club, a roving, semi-secret, women’s only sex party that takes place several times a year in Berlin, London, New York City, LA, and San Francisco. It is no surprise that the event has generated significant interest in the media—after all, sex sells. But what’s less expected is that most of the attendees who come for an evening of unabashed sapphism—club founder Genevieve LeJeune says the group is 5,000 members strong—identify as straight. Some 60% of participants categorize themselves as between a “0” and a “2” on the famed Kinsey scale (part of an application they are required to fill out for the vetting process), meaning they see themselves as anywhere from “exclusively heterosexual” to “predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual.” Many are in long-term relationships with men, or married.

How can this be? And what, if anything, can the popularity of Skirt Club tell us about female sexuality, and our culture’s relationship to it, today?


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