Skirt Club Concierge

For the Lady who requires the utmost discretion, Skirt Club offers a ‘white glove’ concierge service.  Whether you crave a late night flirt, a long sultry kiss, or something more… your privacy is paramount. Every woman deserves a piece of heaven, purely, self indulgently hers.

Skirt Club’s privacy rules are strictly enforced — no gossip, no photos, no trace… famous faces should feel comfortable here and our management team goes the distance to ensure you are protected.

If your career is public facing or sensitive to public opinion then we can assist with the following:

  • Membership and vetting with zero digital footprint — with this service, you can also buy concierge tickets directly from top management.
  • Tête-a-tête phone conversations with top management for confidential advice.
  • Development of a pseudonym profile and this shall carry throughout any Skirt Club evening, should anyone ask, you are protected to the fullest extent and identified only by the pseudonym
  • Press also has iron clad, non-disclosure agreements — no photos, no real names mentioned…ever
  • Party preparation consultation: hair, make-up and dress in accordance with the theme
  • Event companion: great conversation and prior party knowledge if you choose not to arrive alone.  We can also match you with a Board Member or top management once you arrive.

Please do get in touch. Private, secure conversations available with Skirt Club Founder Genevieve LeJeune about concierge membership. Please contact her directly at

  1. rflor20 4 weeks ago

    Can’t wait #NYC

  2. sarah1987btn 3 months ago

    Anyone coming from Brighton?

  3. newbeginings 4 months ago

    Any chance of a party in Perth as well maybe??

  4. leiabolton 10 months ago

    Any chance for a party in Miami this year?

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