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Skirt Club London – Beauty Bound
Saturday Feb 24th 2018

Tied up Saturday Feb 24th? We hope so.

My tongue is snapped;
instantly, a delicate flame runs beneath my skin;
with my eyes I see nothing;
my ears whir with silence.
A cold sweat covers me,
trembling seizes my body,
and I am paler than grass
as I wait for the ropes to tighten

Join us to learn the art of Shibari rope bondage and be beauty bound in our soirée of love and learning.

ENTRY: Ticket includes admission, entertainment, champagne, and ice nut-cracking cocktails. Pricing from £65 for early bird and up to and £90 for final release. Numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. To purchase a ticket, login as a member and the “Book Event” button will appear on this invitation page.

Needless to say, ladies-only which includes all of our team. Skirt Club parties are for members only; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees.


Talk: Anna Kostina is a rope bondage artist and fashion designer based here in London, involved creatively in the scene in many ways – from her shibari inspired accessory brand, Figure of A, to rope themes performances and workshops on how to tie and get tied.

We also are graced with the most fabulous Sophia Shibari

Tease: Ruby Deshabillé can whip her audiences into a frenzy or send them into a trance and always, always leaves them wanting more. Before she even knew what Burlesque was, Ruby had a fascination with all things theatrical and fabulous, feathered and glittered, exotic and sensual.

Inspired by the classic splendour of early 20th century film stars such as Rita Hayworth and Gene Tierney, the grand opulence of Victorian and Gothic architecture and the delicate beauty of nature itself, Ruby’s performances lure you into another world altogether.

LOCATION: A property in Central London.

DRESS:  Gracefully restrained – release your inner seductress. Our Pinterest board may inspire…then again why not take full inspiration from Shibari itself.


  • Skirt Club parties are for members only aged 18-49 years; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees. The party will be held in a private home so ticket numbers are very limited.
  • It’s your first time to Skirt Club? Our FAQs page will help guide you along the way
  • Strictly no photography allowed.
  • The exact venue details will be emailed to ticket holders 2-3 days prior to the event in order to ensure complete privacy so please check your inbox.

Please note:

  • To join this event you must first register as a member and be fully validated as a member.
  • Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • For security, members can only purchase their own ticket. Multiple ticket purchases may not be honoured.
  • Please see our Etiquette guide and T&C’s prior to purchasing a ticket.
  • For more information about this event, please contact Emma

Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.


Hannah & Genevieve

PS. If you can’t join us on this date, why not book up for Le Weekend, our Ibiza special in October 2018!

  1. Author
    hannahelizabeth 12 months ago

    It will be zone 1 and north of the river. The exact locate will be announced in a week or so 🙂


  2. lauren2892 1 year ago

    Roughly what area of London is the Feb skirt party going to be in? Just looking at hotels x

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