Skirt Club | New York | Saturday September 23rd

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Skirt Club Retro Pin-Up
Saturday September 23rd

The ‘Pin-Up’ was not sex symbolism but a bold feminist act.

Wartime in the 1940’s and thru the 50’s was the peak of pin up artwork. The American pin-up gave soldiers during the war something to hope for. A brilliant idea that Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth, the two most renowned pin up girls, paved way for.

Grable was a celebrated sex symbol, her bathing suit poster made her the number-one pin-up girl of World War II, her legs were famously insured for $1 million. The Pin-up furthered a revolutionary change all women now enjoy; freedom of expression.

Ladies, we invite you to express yourselves as our very own ‘Pin-Up’.

ENTRY: $180 which includes admission, free-flowing champagne and exquisite cocktail. Early Bird tickets $150.

TALK: Dr Megan Fleming is passionate about sex and relationships. She brings singles, couples and groups together to inspire the passion of what’s possible and the path to make that happen. She will teach us how to own our sexuality and embrace our ‘inner sex-symbol’. With her captivating energy and her unconditional love, intuition and wisdom. She radiates it all. May her ‘Pin-Up of Positivity’ empower and transform you too…

TEASE: Prepare to be seduced by PussnBoots…. A starlet on the stage and a staple in NYC nightlife, she is pure erotic entertainment. Her classic high energy acts are bound to entertain, from ones that ooze sex appeal with lush ostrich feathers dripping in diamonds, to her own take on famous female sex symbols. Puss is the cat who comes when you call.

LOCATION: A Manhattan penthouse. Doors open at 8pm, carriages at 2am. Venue details to be announced 2-3 days before the event to ticket holders.

DRESS: 1950s Pin-Up girl.Our Pinterest Board may inspire…


  • Skirt Club parties are for members only aged 21-49 years; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees. The party will be held in a private home so ticket numbers are very limited.
  • It’s your first time to Skirt Club? Our FAQs page will help guide you along the way
  • Strictly no photography allowed.
  • The exact venue details will be emailed to ticket holders 2-3 days prior to the event in order to ensure complete privacy so please check your inbox.
  • To join this event you must first register as a member and be fully validated as a member.
  • For more information on NYC events, please don’t hesitate to email Isobel
  • Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette guide and T&C’s prior to purchasing a ticket.Skirt Club parties are for Members only; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees.

Skirt Club parties are for Members only; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees.

Skirt Club promotes glamour; cocktails, champagne, seductive performances and…much more. Away from the prying eyes of men, Skirt Club parties are designed to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions, no expectations.

Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.


PS. If you can’t join us on this date, our other Skirt Club & “Mini Skirt” Party dates are listed here.


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