Skirt Club | NYC | Saturday Sept 17th

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Skirt Club Web of Desire
Saturday Sept 17th

Ever felt helplessly trapped in a web of desire? Submit yourself to hidden cravings…black as night with enraptured legs, ladies of the night entwine in beds. See her silken thread upon your drawers and know she’ll soon approach behind close doors.

Join us for darker pleasures at Skirt Club and give into self indulgence.

Angelic on the outside this naughty minx is utterly demonic on the in. Beware the beauty of this devil in disguise as she whips you into submission. A trained dancer, Rosie Cheek performed in musical theater productions, touring nationally and internationally for many years. She began her burlesque career in 2012, and made her début at Coney Island as a graduate of the New York School of Burlesque.


Creating the perfect kinky adventure by Renee Trevi, a professional dominatrix based in NYC.

1. Reasons for choosing kink
– bringing variety into your sex routine and foreplay
– connecting deeper to a partner
– exploring kinky fantasies and experiencing new sensations
– ordeals and learning to surrender
– altered states of consciousness and spiritual experiences
– healing and personal identity work

2. Activities
Bondage, sensation play, sensory deprivation, domination, submission, humiliation, role play, psychodrama, toy play, penetration, yoni massage, impact play (Spanking, flogging, paddles, canes), nipple torture, exhibitionism, fetishes.

3. Important stages for successful play
Communication of intention, soft or hard limits, safe words, preparing the space and dressing up, surrender and turning off analytical mind, authenticity and aftercare.

From childhood Renee’s life has been characterized by adventure, flirtation with danger, and desire for radical self-expression. She has been always drawn to kink, as a way to step out of “normal” and enter the altered, extraordinary. Renee is known for practicing a therapeutic, more conscious approach in connection to BDSM play.

DRESS: Latex and lace. Our Pinterest Board may inspire…
ENTRY: $180 which includes admission, free-flowing champagne and submissive cocktails. Early Bird tickets $150.
ENTERTAINMENT: Burlesque, seductive games and jacuzzi whispers.
LOCATION: A Manhattan penthouse. Doors open at 9pm, carriages at 3am.

  • Skirt Club parties are for members only aged 21-49 years; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees. The party will be held in a private home so ticket numbers are very limited.
  • It’s your first time to Skirt Club? Our FAQs page will help guide you along the way
  • Strictly no photography allowed.
  • The exact venue details will be emailed to ticket holders 2-3 days prior to the event in order to ensure complete privacy so please check your inbox.
  • To join this event you must first register as a member and be fully validated as a member.
  • For more information on NYC events, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
  • Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette guide and T&C’s prior to purchasing a ticket.

Skirt Club parties are for Members only; our vetted guest list will be closed to ensure maximum discretion for all attendees.

Skirt Club promotes glamour; cocktails, champagne, seductive performances and…much more. Away from the prying eyes of men, Skirt Club parties are designed to facilitate one night of consensual experimentation – no consequences, no questions, no expectations.

Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.


Shhhh – if you can’t join us for this event, you can see our list of upcoming 2016 events here

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