Skirt Club Parties | Dates for your diary 2018

Skirt Club party dates 2018. Our about and FAQs pages will explain more about our events.

Skirt Club PartiesCityThemeTickets
Jan 17thMelbournePre-Launch CocktailsSold Out
Jan 18thLondonMini Skirt + AfterpartySold Out
Jan 27thNYCDance PartySold Out
Feb 3rdSan FranciscoVelvet RopeSold Out
Feb 9thLos AngelesMini SkirtSold Out
Feb 24thBerlinMini Skirt + AfterpartySold Out
Feb 24thLondonBeauty BoundSold Out
March 8thNew YorkMini SkirtSold Out
March 8thShanghaiDebutSold Out
March 8thLondonInt’l Women’s Day CocktailsSold Out
March 8thWashington DCMini SkirtSold Out
March 8thBerlinInt’l Women’s Day CocktailsSold Out
March 8thSan FranciscoInt’l Women’s Day CocktailsSold Out
March 17thViennaVelvet RopeSold Out
March 24thLondonHer Other SelfSold Out
March 22ndSydneyMini SkirtSold Out
April 5MelbourneDebut PartySold Out
April 7Los AngelesVelvet RopeSold Out
April 12ShanghaiWorkshopSold Out
April 14San FranciscoArabian NightsSold Out
April 28BerlinRetro Pin-UpSold Out
May 4NYCScarlet SenoritaSold Out
May 17SydneyMini SkirtSold Out
May 24LondonMini Skirt + AfterpartySold Out
May 25ShanghaiWorkshopSold Out
June 7MelbourneMini SkirtSold Out
June 7Los AngelesMini Skirt PrideSold Out
June 9LondonFuture FemmeSold Out
June 16BerlinQueen of HeartsSold Out
June 21San FranciscoMini Skirt PrideSold Out
June 22New YorkSkirt Club PrideSold Out
June 23ShanghaiWorkshopSold Out
July 7ViennaWorkshop + PlaySold Out
July 7LondonStudio 54Sold Out
July 15ShanghaiWorkshopSold Out
Aug 3MiamiWorkshopSold Out
Aug/SepSkirt Tour GermanyCocktail NightRegister
Aug 11MelbourneChocolat NoirSold Out
Aug 18ShanghaiWorkshopSold Out
Aug 23LondonMini SkirtSold Out
Aug 31Los AngelesMini SkirtSold Out
Sept 7NYCMistress MasqueradeSold Out
Sept 14MiamiWorkshopSold Out
Sept 20BerlinMini SkirtSold Out
Sept 29San FranciscoScarlet SenoritaAvailable
Oct 18-21IbizaLe WeekendAvailable
Oct 20IbizaIndian Summer GoddessAvailable
Oct 25New YorkMini Skirt HalloweenAvailable
Nov 15LondonMini SkirtAvailable
Nov 10BerlinSignatureOn Sale Oct
Nov 15MelbourneMini SkirtAvailable
Dec 7New YorkSignatureOn Sale Oct
Dec 8ViennaWorkshop + PlayOn Sale Nov
Dec 15LondonSignatureOn Sale Oct
  1. queenvirgo 2 months ago

    Hiya how do you get tickets for the london events, ive not had much luck with emailing for details?

  2. doemydeer 2 months ago

    Of course once I finally join, there aren’t any Atlanta parties booked. Come back to Atlanta, Skirt! 💕

    • ashnish 2 months ago

      Right!! I have yet to be able to attend a party. I’m now 2 hours away from ATL

  3. 3 months ago

    Hi I’m new to this and was wondering what is the signature party in NYC like???

  4. lilmspeaches 4 months ago

    Would love to attend the signature event in NYC

  5. violetvixen25 4 months ago

    Waiting for the booking to be made available for the London 7th July Signature party- says will go on sale in June -does anyone know when?

  6. royal18dy 4 months ago

    The NYC Pride event does not have an active link. I am unable to obtain entry.

  7. nadiainberlin 6 months ago

    what about singapore?

  8. lesbihonest 6 months ago

    How much will Le Weekend be in Ibiza? Who’s planning on going?

  9. kiss4rmarose 6 months ago

    Hey..anyone going to the 24th March event in London?! Xx

  10. makelifeexciting 7 months ago

    When will the Signature event tickets be available that say “On Sale Feb”?

  11. skintouch 7 months ago

    hi. what means “int’l women’s day cocktails”? and what “register”? thanks 🙂

  12. gayle 8 months ago

    Please can you arrange a Manchester party? It’s been 2 years since the first (and last one!) Some of us ladies struggle to get to London. It would be a sell out for sure 🙂

  13. zikra 8 months ago

    Hey, have the tickets for the Sydney party been released as yet?
    Thank you! Xx

  14. teebee 8 months ago

    Hi, newbie here does anyone know if a debut party is more like a mini skirt or classic event?


  15. junebug1500 8 months ago

    Hi how can we buy tickets for NYC dance party

  16. taccetta 8 months ago

    First timer here! Thinking about attending NYC mini skirt in March.. is a mini skirt as satisfying as a regular event?

    Also, will there be more events debuted for 2018? Or does it keep to the schedule?

    • nelly0522 8 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing. I read it is not as satisfying as a regular night. I was hoping there would be more parties in NY this year.

      • Author
        scadmin 8 months ago

        NYC dates go up as soon as we have venue confirmation. This is often tricky to arrange.

  17. fahrenheitkelvin 8 months ago

    Are more dates and locations coming out for 2018 or is this all of tbem?

  18. 8 months ago

    I’m surprised there isn’t a party in Las Vegas. That would be a fabulous location and one that people would easily travel for.

  19. flowerchildxox 8 months ago

    Are there any parties in Boston?

  20. mollymoxxie 8 months ago

    Newbie here… How would you get a ticket to the London February party? Are they yet to be released?

  21. bella1983 8 months ago

    A Manchester event would be great xxx

  22. sexyqueen 9 months ago

    When In Miami??

  23. fatu 9 months ago

    hi any parties in Manchester coming up in feb

  24. 9 months ago

    Any plans for Denver or somewhere in the south this year?

  25. intoyou 9 months ago

    What about having a party in Frankfurt?

  26. akii 9 months ago

    Is there going to be a Skirt party in San Francisco for New Years?

  27. missd 9 months ago

    When will be the. Exit one for SF?

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