Skirt Club

The Ultimate Private
Members Club

Skirt Club is for ladies only. It hosts a private members network for the curious kind; both intellectually and sexually. We exist to embolden women at a time when sexual fluidity is embraced.

Society is turning a page in modern-girl thinking of what “sexual attraction” can mean. Skirt Club encourages that freedom of expression, meaning members can explore safely within their comfort zone and be true to their own desires.

Designed by women, for women, Skirt Club basks in glamour; free-flowing champagne, exclusive burlesque performances, Shibari demonstrations, Victorian corset fittings … and so much more. All our guests share a desire to learn what it means to be a woman from the inside-out.

Knowing yourself and what moves you requires honesty and self-exploration; Skirt Club allows women to express themselves whilst managing reputational risk – in essence, you are in control of your own destiny.

The Ultimate Private Members Club

Skirt Club
For the Confident and Curious

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Skirt Club was founded in 2014 by Geneviève LeJeune, having attended “play parties” with a long-term boyfriend. She soon realised she was doing things for his pleasure, not her own. ‘Sexual empowerment is not about turning your boyfriend on with another girl’ she says. ‘It’s about doing what excites you’.

Skirt Club’s mission is to build an exclusive all-female community for empowerment and sexual discovery. A network of professional women with common interests.

Our History

Confidence in the bedroom leads
to confidence in the boardroom.

Genevieve LeJeune


Skirt Club is a lifestyle brand, with artful events and arousing dialogue. Intended for curious women seeking exploration and desire.

Find personal growth, empowerment and sexual discovery. A network of successful women with a common interest.

At Skirt Club we women, tend to put our happiness first.

Our Brand

Skirt Club is World Wide

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