I feel more free to express myself. I’ve grown more confident. I am now the kind of woman who walks around with a secret smile on her face. :”)

Barcelona, Spain

Skirt Club has freed my inhibitions and allowed me to express my whole self. I feel complete thanks to Skirt Club.

Manchester, UK

Skirt Club has allowed me to turn my confusion into the most amazing, exciting, positive journey of exploration. I am still figuring myself out, but this incredible community of strong, empowered women has breathed life into my uncertainty and is giving me a hell of a ride! ❤️🔥

London, UK

Made me realise my worth as a woman! That I am in control of my life that I can and will trust again and that people still love me for me even when I struggle to love myself! Pure empowerment

London, UK

Skirt Club has shown me a side of female desire that I had only dreamed of before. I used to think of women's sexuality as passive - looking alluring, being desirable. Skirt Club was the first time I was surrounded by women proving that there is SO much more to female desire.

Oslo, Norway

Seeing so many beautiful, strong, talented, creative, empowering and supportive women befriend each other, enjoying each other and communicating with each other (socially or sexually) on such an authentic level.

London, UK

While I haven’t been to a Skirt Club event... yet, skirt club has given me the power to embark on my own journey without having to depend on a man or a relationship. To be able to take something so intimate into your own hands and not having to answer to anyone about it, is special.

New York, USA

Skirt Club arrived in my life when I most needed it. When I finally felt confident enough to attend one of the events, as nervous as ever, I found girls who were eager to know me, I found support, I found a group of amazing women I belonged to. I found myself.

Sydney, Australia

The girl I used to be was confused about her sexuality and haunted by the memory of a traumatic experience. Now that I belong to Skirt Club, I am growing into a woman who embraces her fluidity and has found solace in sexy encounters with beautiful and inspiring ladies.

London, UK

I discovered a pleasure I didn’t know existed. Within 3 minutes of being intimate I came for the first time in my life. From that day I started putting my pleasure at the forefront. No longer do I fake anything and no longer to a put up with subpar love making. So Thanks!

New York, USA