I have to say, in occasional moments like this I get out of my head and get intensely blinded by a violent feeling of freedom. I can even say a violent feeling of happiness. Super furtive, but super strong, like a huge shot of adrenaline. Sex is empowering like nothing else!

Mother Chaos, London

While Skirt Club often gets written up for its racy parties — I observed much more — pure camaraderie between women regardless of shape, size, race, or economic standing — bonded by being comfortable in their own skin. It was one of the most empowering moments of my life.

Allison – NYC

Ibiza was a welcome escape from the mundanity of everyday life – stimulating in every sense of the word and unapologetically indulgent.

Member, London

I love it, it was for me the best 30th birthday ever being on the table full of sugar and being licked by different hot women at the same time was a really hot moment, thank you!

Member, London

I love this place, it's smart, the women are wonderful and hot, the drinks are amazing and the barmaid very welcoming, warm, funny, smart and professional. Amazing place, thank you! Wow!

Aurelie, London

Such amazing beautiful sexual women! Genevieve has created something amazing where fabulous women can let go and truly be themselves! There is something wrong in my life if I don't come here every month! Xxx

Trinity, London

Five people DO fit in the bath. We're less dirty now. Xx

Lesley, London

Genevieve is super hot and hosts a really fun welcoming party. If you are at all curious about hot sexy women, I recommend you check it out.


I feel horny HEART SC

Jo, London

Join the club. My friend had to lube me into a latex dress, sweet!

Anonymous, London

I really enjoyed the night, it is good to join the community of girls who have the same attitude to sexuality and attracted to other women. The talk we had during the night made me confident about my sexuality thank you for a good night. Xxx


Great party, very hot guests, I look forward to more parties like this. Xxx

Anonymous, London

A night of sexual empowerment and imagination. xx

Irene, London

You certainly know how to work a table. I'm staying longer to get my turn next time.

Phd student from Oxford on Body Tequila

Thank you so much for the party and this great initiative on Saturday. I met lovely ladies and I will definitely do my best to come to the next one!

A Parisian living in London

I feel very privileged that you have chosen me to be one of your seed members. I am bisexual so this sort of thing excites me very much!

Member, Portsmouth

It was like walking into the scene of a movie, one of great feminine beauty.

Rope expert in London