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A safe space for bi-curious and bisexual women

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We are a private network for intellectually and sexually curious women. Explore your desires with us.

Our goal is to be the catalyst for each woman to become the mistress of her own life.

We are a community crafted upon self-discovery, self-exploration, self-confidence, and self-love.

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What our members say

I feel more free to express myself. I’ve grown more confident. I am now the kind of woman who walks around with a secret smile on her face. :”)

Barcelona, Spain

Skirt Club has freed my inhibitions and allowed me to express my whole self. I feel complete thanks to Skirt Club.

Manchester, UK

Made me realise my worth as a woman! That I am in control of my life that I can and will trust again and that people still love me for me even when I struggle to love myself! Pure empowerment

London, UK

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