FAQ & Club Etiquette

First Things First – Our
Club Etiquette

Our parties provide a safe haven to live out female fantasies at your complete discretion. To keep privacy a priority, we ask you to abide by our Skirt Club etiquette.

  • This club is intended for bisexual women, often members are in a relationship.
  • Members must be approved.
  • Ladies only. Leave your man at home, relay your stories on return.
  • No cameras or photography.
  • The dress code at our parties is sometimes themed and although the dress code is not strict, all our members are effortlessly stylish.
  • Please respect others. Pushy and unwelcome advances are not acceptable and may lead to members being removed from the community.
  • If someone makes you uncomfortable, for any reason, then you should let them know. Be nice and be graceful.
  • Skirt Club is a space that celebrates enthusiastic consent. We encourage flirtation and experimentation, which involves reading the verbal and non-verbal cues of your fellow members. If you are unsure about speaking to or touching someone, just ask.


Our Events


Q. How do I change what other members can see on my profile?

To change the visibility of the information on your profile please go to settings where each field can be adjusted. There are only 3 items that are mandatorily made visible to all: profile photo, username and first name. It is not possible to change your username once you have applied. 


Q. Do not post your personal information on the city feed!

Members posting their mobile phone number and home address on our website are putting themselves at risk. We cannot guarantee the safety of any member should they choose to meet up in person or exchange personal data freely on our website. Please DO NOT post your personal contact info in the City Feed for all our members to view, this is extremely unadvisable. 


Q. I have not received my verification email?

You must confirm your email address before you can log into your account. If you have not received an email from us, please first check your spam folder then contact us at applications@skirtclub.co.uk


Q. What happens if mother nature calls?

We encourage you to come and enjoy yourself, as there is still a lot of fun to be had. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, we are unable to make any exceptions to our refund policy.


Q. What is the member age range for 'Skirt Club Parties?

To become a member you must be over 18 years. We host parties for the following age groups: 18+ UK, Europe & Australia and 21+ USA You may be requested to provide ID to validate that you are the legal age to drink alcohol. If you under 21 and American visiting a London event, then you may attend.


Q. I can no longer make the party, can I get a refund?

We cannot offer refunds on any ticket unless the event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you can no longer make an event you may convert your ticket to a credit according to these lead times:
Temptress Members - Cannot be converted 
Seductress Members - 7 days notice 
Enchantress Members - 24 hrs notice 

Your credit can then be used to purchase another ticket or membership upgrade. Please note credit cannot be used in the boutique. 


Q. Where can I find out more about Skirt Club?

There are many reviews about our parties written by journalists and bloggers. Your can read up on articles featured in Marie Claire and Elle Magazine on our Press page. Take a peek at "The Inside Slip" where our members contribute both fact and fantasy. Our social pages give the full picture, but personal experiences will always be shared in our members community. Don’t be shy, send her a private message and get the low-down.


Q. Should I be concerned about STDs?

Yes, you should always be concerned regardless of whether you’re sleeping with a man or a woman. Sexually transmitted diseases are less prominent amongst the lesbian community; however, you should be aware that some STDs, such as herpes and crabs, can be passed on through skin contact alone. The only way for two women to be sure that they are not at risk during sex is if both have been fully tested, and have not had sexual contact with any other women or men since. We strongly recommend you use a dental dam (or condom if bringing toys), both are made freely available at our parties. Read more about what constitutes safe sex between two (or more) ladies. 

Our main priority is the safety of our members, if you wish to bring toys please obey our strict hygiene rules. And, please be considerate of your fellow members’ health and happiness. We provide condoms as a precaution but on the whole discourage members from bringing strap-ons. We advise all our member to get familiar with dental dams as safe sex practice, that protects you against orally transmitted HPV, Herpes, Ghonerreah, Chlamydia, Hep A & B and HIV.


Q. Can I bring 'toys' with me to a Skirt Club party?

Our main priority is the safety of our members, if you wish to bring toys please obey our strict hygiene rules. And, please be considerate of your fellow members’ health and happiness. We provide condoms as a precaution but on the whole discourage members from bringing strap-ons. We advise all our member to get familiar with dental dams as safe sex practice, that protects you against orally transmitted HPV, Herpes, Ghonerreah, Chlamydia, Hep A & B and HIV. 


Q. I’m attending Skirt Club alone and feel a bit nervous about this!

You can feel safe in the knowledge that the majority of members attend events alone. On arrival, our hostesses will introduce you to other ladies at the party. The hostesses are your welcome party.


Q. What about my privacy?

To create a pleasurable and safe environment, we follow simple rules and Club Etiquette. What happens at Skirt Club, stays at Skirt Club…

Skirt Club is governed by UK law, all data is stored securely in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We strictly follow GDPR guidelines. For more please read our privacy policyThis law is of the strictest data protection standard, globally. 


Q. I’ve actually never ‘been with a woman’ (*blush*). So…

Please don’t worry – many of our members are “bi-curious” and have never had that experience. There are absolutely no expectations in anyway. Just do whatever feels right for you. Mini Skirt nights are designed as a sweet little taster to the Skirt Club signature party. If you’re at all nervous, this is a fabulous way to meet other members, hosted at cocktail bars in the city.


Q. Are drinks included in the ticket price?

At our signature Skirt Club absolutely! Besides, who’s carrying a purse? We offer free-flowing champagne and cocktails served to you by our lovely bar ladies. To add a little more sparkle, our cocktail menus are set in line with the theme of the evening. Our Mini Skirt nights are held at a cocktail bar or club. You will be served a welcome drink on arrival.


Q. Where will the parties be held?

Shhhh… it’s a secret. Skirt Club Party ticket holders will receive details of the secret location 2-3 days prior to the event. Skirt Club Signature parties are held at a private residence. The venue location must remain strictly confidential, always. Mini Skirt location details are on the event invitation and website


Q. The party has a theme. I’m not really comfortable getting dressed up. Do I need to?

Signature parties are always themed and although the dress code is not strict, all our members are effortlessly stylish. We always want you to feel as relaxed as possible, but we certainly advocate you dress to impress.


Q. How is my application vetted?

To apply for membership please upload one clear photo of your face and one full-length image. Please do not upload nude images, they will be screened and deleted by our website. We are a small team and do not have the means to notify you if you submitted an incorrect photo. Please also be sure to verify your email address, otherwise your application will not be reviewed. 

If you have further questions please email applications@skirtclub.co.uk.


Q. I have applied for membership, why can’t I login?

Your account needs to be successfully approved before it is fully activated. Once approved you will be notified by email to login and fully interact with the community. If you have not verified your email address then your application cannot be approved. 


Q. What's the difference between a Skirt Club and Mini Skirt?

Skirt Club Signature is the real deal; a play party for creatures of true curiosity. Mini Skirt is the tighter, shorter event just as nice but not as naughty. Our signature play party is held at a private home with free-flowing champagne, burlesque performances, naughty games and wherever the night may take you. This event is held on weekends and is always themed. Mini Skirt nights are held in public spaces such as a cocktail bar and are designed to be a taster to the main event. Meet fellow Skirt Club members over martinis and be dazzled by sultry performances. This event is held weekdays.


Q. What actually happens at a Skirt Club party?

There is a typical sequence of events. Guests are welcomed and introduced to each other by a hostess, who presents you with glass of champagne and cocktail menu to peruse. The evening’s entertainment will open with a performance (for instance a suitable, saucy burlesque number) which serves as a little ice breaker. This is followed by a guest speaker who presents on a subject related to our evening’s theme. In the past we have covered ‘the art of kissing’, seduction and female orgasm… Photography is strictly forbidden but these snippets will give you a taster.


Q. I’ve never been to a “play party” before. Do I have to join in?

Absolutely not, there are many rooms. Feel free to sip the free-flowing champagne and take part in a little voyeurism.


Q. How do i delete my profile?

Please go to 'Settings' on your profile to find the button 'DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT'. Once deleted all data will be removed from our website and you will not be able to retrieve it. This includes your profile information, all images and all messages. This information will be deleted permanently. 


Q. What can other members see on my profile?

You are in charge of your data. You may choose to hide any part of your profile, apart from your Username, First Name and profile photo. Go to 'Profile Settings' to select the level of visibility for each field. If you wish to delete your Last Name, the field requires at least one letter remains.   


Q. How do i change my profile photo?

Go to your profile page and click on the profile photo. Here, click the EDIT button. Your account must carry at profile photo at all times, this maintains trust and transparency in the community. If you're concerned about privacy then please join our Hush Concierge service where we can ensure zero digital footprint. 


Q. How do i cancel my subscription?

Please downgrade you subscription here on the Membership page


Q. What discount do i get on event tickets, as an Enchantress member?

All Enchantress members receive 20% of all tickets minus Skirt Club holidays. 


Q. Is payment processing secure?

Yes. Our payment processor conducts the card transaction on their website, bypassing the Skirt Club site. We do not collect any of your credit card data, nor store it. Please note we cannot accept AMEX. 


Q. I cannot upload a photo

There is a size limit of 4MB for photo uploads and no min size. We can accept formats jpeg, gif, png and jpg. We do not accept mp4 and pdf. If you're struggling to upload an image please refrain using a mobile or tablet and defer to our desktop version of the website. 


Q. My password is the same but i can't log in.

Skirt Club launched it's new website in late Jan 2019. If you are logging in for the first time since then you will need to set a new password. We were not able to migrate passwords to the new website since these are encrypted. 


Q. How much does it cost to join Skirt Club

Skirt Club is free to join. If you would like to send private messages on the website then you will need to upgrade to access premium features. The free membership tier is called Temptress. You can view all our membership tiers here. 


Q. Who are the seed members of Skirt Club?

Wherever you see the flower badge, you know this member supported the growth of Skirt Club by planting a seed of love. Skirt Club is a self-funded community and it's thanks to these women who support women, that made it happen.


Q. How do i change my username?

To change your username, please contact members@skirtclub.co.uk


Q. I'm nervous about attending an event alone

Almost everyone attends alone since it’s quite difficult to find like-minded friends in this space. We are pleased to say Skirt Club offers just that and you will make some wonderful friendships as a result. Since everyone is in the same boat the atmosphere is both friendly and welcoming. We know it can feel intimidating to attend any event alone, especially as a woman trying something new, so for those very reasons we have a team of hostesses to welcome guests and make quick introductions.

No need to feel nervous, we are here to ensure a smooth ride. 


Q. What's the difference between Seductress and Enchantress Membership?

We have 3 tiers of membership. Temptress (free), Seductress (paid) and Enchantress (paid). Seductress gives you access to online premium features and Enchantress give you more with discounted event tickets and access to our VIP room + 1 guest.


Q. Can i bring my friend to an event?

Yes of course, but she must be an approved member to attend. It's free to register on our website.


Q. I would like to become a Skirt Club Ambassador

If you love Skirt Club and live in a city where there are no events, we would love you to come on board as a Skirt Club Ambassador. We will support you remotely to arrange meet-ups and build a local community. Please email members@skirtclub.co.uk to enrol.


Q. I would like to become a Skirt Club hostess

If you want to join our team and volunteer to hostess at our events, please email us at members@skirtclub.co.uk.. To qualify you must have attended at least one event before, so that you're in a position to help other first timers with nerves.


Q. How do i transfer my ticket to another event?

Life happens to all of us and despite the best intentions, we sometimes have to change our plans. The more advance notice you allow us the more we can help. With 7 days notice you can choose to change the status of your ticket to 'Credit' on our website under My Tickets. When you next choose to attend an event the credit will appear on the check-out page. The credit is for 1 ticket, not a monetary amount.

If you have to cancel last minute we cannot offer a credit since we will have already been invested in the production of this event.


Q. I have a high profile career and need extra privacy.

We offer a concierge service for those concerned about privacy. 

A number of our members have high profile careers that would be better suited to offline membership. If you would like to register this way there is an admin fee of either £160/$210 to be added as a member without a profile on our website. The vetting process requires you to email us a link to a social media profile and for our Founder Genevieve to send you a message on this platform, which you must respond to. 

If this sounds ideal, please email genevieve@skirtclub.co.uk who handles the Concierge list solely, and is available to talk through any concerns around attending an event, plus assistance with travel, getting ready for the event and finding a companion to escort you. 

The fee can be made via Venmo/Bank transfer/cash to avoid any transactions on our website. 


Q. How long does it take to approve my application?

We ask for a maximum of 5 days to process new applications. Often we can process them sooner but to manage expectations we ask for 5 days. If there is a fast approaching event you'd like to attend, then please give us a nudge at applications@skirtclub.co.uk


Q. I can't log in. Why is that?

These are the reasons you might not be able to login:

  • Your account is not yet approved. If so a message will inform you this is the case. We require 5 days to approve your application.
  • You are using an incorrect password. If so a message will display 'incorrect password'. Please resent your password if you can't retrieve it.
  • You misspelt your email address in the application. If so, please email us at members@skirtclub.co.uk to update the email on your form. If you did not receive an email asking you to verify your email address, this is likely the reason.
  • You have not verified you email address. If you have not received an email from us please check your junk folder. Then save members@skirtclub.co.uk to your contacts so we can avoid the junk folder in future. 
  • Your wifi has parental controls. If you are at work or at home where children also live, it's likely parental controls have been set on the wifi. To circumvent try using you mobile as a hotspot connected to 4G (not the same wifi).


Q. What happens if I upgrade my annual plan before the end of the year?

If you upgrade a monthly plan, the new plan goes into effect immediately and you will be charged the difference between the two plans for the year, prorated for the remaining months of the year. The pro rata calculation will be as follows: cost of the new annual plan/12 months x remaining months of the calendar year - cost of the initial annual plan/12 months x remaining months of the calendar year = incremental charge amount.


Q. What happens if I upgrade my monthly plan before the end of the month?

If you upgrade a monthly plan, the new plan goes into effect immediately and you will be charged the incremental amount, based on the difference between the two monthly rates but prorated for the remaining days of the month. The pro rata calculation will be as follows: cost of the new monthly plan/30.42 days x remaining days of the month - cost of the initial monthly plan/30.42 days x remaining days of the month = incremental charge amount.


Q. What happens if I cancel my annual plan before the end of the year?

If you cancel your annual plan before the end of the 12 month period, you will forfeit the remaining months of the paid subscription. After the 12 month period your paid subscription will not renew.


Q. What happens if I cancel my monthly plan before the end of the month?

If you cancel a monthly plan, the cancellation goes into effect the first day of the next month, at which time your paid subscription will not renew.


Q. What happens if I downgrade my annual plan before the end of the year?

If you downgrade your annual plan to a lower tier before the end of the 12 month period you will forfeit the remaining months of the subscription, and your subscription will immediately reflect the features and benefits associated with your new lower tier. At the conclusion of the 12 month period, you will be renewed at the new lower tier rate.


Q. What happens if I downgrade my monthly plan before the end of the month?

If you downgrade a monthly plan, the new plan goes into effect the first day of the next month at which time you will be charged the new lower monthly rate.


Q. Why choose annual versus monthly?

The decision to choose an annual plan versus monthly depends on a member’s preference. Members can save by purchasing an annual upfront plan. For example: the Seductress paid monthly is £5/$8 per month, the equivalent of £60/$96 per year. Whereas, the Seductress annual plan is £50/$80 per month, the equivalent of £4.17/$6.67 per month and more cost effective.


Q. What is your billing cycle for subscription?

There are two billing cycles available to members for subscriptions at Skirt Club: annual and monthly. Annual cycles bill once a year. Monthly cycles bill once a month.


Q. How do i report another member?

If you are unsure of another member's authenticity or they have sent you an offensive message, please report this member to us. We will then require this member to complete some verification checks. We welcome your help managing our community. The report button is on the profile page of each member. 

Report Button on Profile Page


Q. Can I approach other Members about a threesome with my partner?

No. You're in the wrong place. Seriously, please join another community. 

The intention of Skirt Club is to help you discover your sexuality and appreciation for other women. If a Member feels uncomfortable about being approached she is very welcome to report them, via the 'Report Member' button on their profile. Look for the 3 dots...


Q. Does Skirt Club accept trans women?

Skirt Club is for vulva owning women identifying as bisexual or bi-curious. If you are a trans woman with a vulva and identify as bisexual then yes, please apply. 


Q. Gender and Expression

To avoid hurt feelings later, we wanted to chime in early and candidly. 

Certainly there are infinite ways to be a woman that do not include showcasing femininity, having a labia, or traveling to global women’s weekends; and we tip our hats to all. 

However this membership serves one particular slice of the women’s community (the one we know best):

We serve women who:
☑️ love embracing femininity (our parties are all femme themes)
☑️  are self-described “ladies with labias” AND
☑️  have been raised as girls in a male-majority world. 

As you may imagine, many of our allies, friends, and partners are curious about attending Skirt Club.

If you are wondering if Skirt is the best club for you, please feel free to message us. There are many other delightful clubs that serve various other genders and slices of the human worlds for we are confident there is one for you if we aren’t. 

(FYI: While we adore many well-behaving straight men, we never admit any. Even those of you who keep promising to “behave” or “just be a fly on the wall”. No thank you.)

Got a question on your lips? Don't hesitate to contact us at