Female Future

Dearest Member,

Welcome. At Skirt Club, we are all common in our curiosity, discovery and exploration, and we are all united in our membership.

Skirt Club started out as the brainchild of one woman. All it took was one. She imagined a safe space for women to explore their sexuality; to liberate their desires; to enter a new world. We are no longer just one, we are many.

Our values are simple and our brand is recognised.

Our events are popular and our presence and influence is ever expanding.

Our community welcomes more members and we constantly explore new and invigorating avenues of interaction.

We have a unique and precious thing that we do not want to see come to an end. We hope that you don’t want it to either.

In that spirit, we are now asking for your support and your time.

A community like ours does not run itself. Our events are not simple to organise. Our website doesn’t function without a dedicated team. We need you.

We invite every single one of our members to be a part of that team. We know you are as passionate as we are about our mission and what we represent. Join us in appreciating all that the privilege of your membership affords you.

UNITE as a community, and we will succeed in preserving the Skirt Club we know and love.

COMMIT to purchase a membership, and contribute to maintaining our values.

INVEST in Skirt Club, and invest in your own self love.

We love each and every one of you. We hope you feel the same way.