Bido: Foreplay in a bottle

We've all been there. Whether it’s stress, fatigue or relationship problems, sometimes it’s just not working in the bedroom. bido addresses libido issues from three main angles, providing a holistic solution.

Through personal experiences and seeing first hand the lack of natural options out there, we consulted with a team of herbalists, doctors and nutritionists to develop bido, a daily libido supplement made with natural ingredients that builds desire and confidence with a blend of 14 adaptogens, herbs, vitamins and amino acids.

More than just a libido shot, bido is intended as a 'social lubricant' to open up the lines of communication around healthy sex and make difficult conversations less intimidating. A fast-acting liquid that absorbs and activates quickly, use it tonight for a boost or daily to reap the maximum benefits of improved mood, deeper intimacy and better sexual health.

Includes: Pack of 5 - for Her.

Shipping: Worldwide 1-10 days.
Refund policy:
No refunds.