Skirt Society | Embody Your True Body
Interactive Online Event
Sunday, October 06, 2024

For ten years we have helped women soften into their sexuality. We know that women access their deepest pleasure when they are relaxed. We invite you to drop into your body, connect and expand with the many sex magic magicians we’ve invited to guide you. 

We’ll teach you to: 
  • Take agency over your desires
  • Accept yourself and your sexuality
  • Overcome your fears of approaching another woman
  • Prepare for your first play party

It’s time to embody your true body. 

Immerse yourself in an event where elegance meets empowerment from the sanctuary of your very own boudoir. This exclusive workshop promises to leave you feeling connected to every fibre of your body, exuding a new depth of confidence whilst expressing your most delicious desires.

A blend of sophistication and sensuality, all while wearing your Sunday intimates. Prepare to be guided through an intimate exploration of yourself and desires alongside your other beloved Skirt Club sisters and lovers. 


 Join Genevieve and her VIP special guest for this seductive Sunday soirée which will unite Skirt Club Sisters from all around the globe. 


Seductress, Enchantress & VIP Concierge Members
This is a complimentary event for our Enchantress and Seductress members (included in your subscription). To join us, simply RSVP in the ticket link above by selecting your ticket via the drop down, to secure your place in this beautiful celebration of femininity and self-discovery.

Temptress Members
Tickets are $50, or we invite you to upgrade your subscription and join as our guest. 


This workshop has been scheduled to begin at 12pm PST | 3pm EST | 8pm BST
You are welcome to join us from any location and time zone that suits.

Please claim a space to yourself at home where you won’t be interrupted, light a candle, make the space yours, be present. You may wish to bring a journal and your favourite Mont Blanc pen...

The session will take place over Zoom.
A link to join will be emailed to all attendees 2-3 days before the event. 


12pm PST | 3pm EST | 8pm BST | Join us from anywhere in the world, darling!
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Dress Code

Soft Flow
Our Pinterest board may inspire. 

The Skirt Club Experience

Skirt Society | Online
Our online events and workshops are designed to keep the community engaged and curious, whilst connected from afar. Think smart, professional women looking to engage with like-minded ladies from the comfort of their own home.

Embody Your True Body exists as a series of complimentary online events, included in your Seductress or Enchantress subscription. Upgrade your membership to enjoy premium access. 


Code of Conduct
We want our virtual spaces to be safe for all women to share their authentic view points. Here are our rules:
1. Camera must be ON at the start of the session (you will be welcome to turn this off when things become more intimate).
2. NO males should be in the room or in earshot of the conversation (headphones are ok)
3. It's ALL confidential - thoughts shared on the chat stay between Skirt Club Sisters 

Experience Uninhibited Living,


Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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