Euro Pride 2019


Get ready for the most colourful parade in Europe. Let's celebrate together the Skirt Club and the LGBT+ community, spreading love and leading life without discrimination!


EuroPride is the biggest Pride event of the European LGBTIQ community. It's in a different city every year, attracting visitors from every corner of the continent. Vienna was chosen as the host for the EuroPride 2019. More information can be found on the following Website.

Our significant accomplishment through Skirt Club is that we can shed light on what is often a silent “B” in LGBTQ – bi-sexuality. In these times of complex female movements, we dedicated our purpose to build a community of like-minded feminine explorers that crave for a safe space to indulge in new stimuli and experiences for the heart, soul and mind. Therefore Skirt Club will be part of this year’s procession as a group and walk with the parade to protest against discrimination in the LGBT+ community and hoist the Skirt Club flag with PRIDE.


To sign up for this event or for any questions, send an email to Mona (DE) or Giulia (AT).

When registering please mention the following details:
  • Surname
  • Skirt Club username
  • Number of Friends
  • Friends names

Eligibility of attending the parade:
Skirt Club organizes participation in the Rainbow Parade 2019 in Vienna and will send you further relevant information in the event of your registration in a timely manner. The cost of organizing and running the parade and marketing will be borne by Skirt Club. Any further costs (travel, food and lodgings, outfit, etc.) will be borne by the participants themselves.
If you want to take friends (male or female) who are NOT a member on the parade this is possible after previous registration, "wings" are only available for member.

PRESS PHOTOS - please be aware there are going to be press fotos so if you are shy, please do not register! Registration deadline is May 10, 2019.


Join us on the 15th of June 2019 at 12:00 clock in the course of Europride with the Rainbow Parade in Vienna, Austria.



Dress Code

We would be delighted if further members would like to join this European-wide party and walk with us to write history. For all registered Skirt Club members, we will be providing black Skirt Club "Wings" (which you may already know from our charming hostesses) to wear during the parade.

The Skirt Club Experience


Think smart, professional women looking to meet with like-minded ladies over cocktails. We host a private members network for the curious kind; both intellectually and sexually. Our about and FAQ pages will give you further context. Skirt Club promotes glamour; cocktails, champagne, seductive performances and…much more.

Read about us in the press where we are featured in the Bento, Bild, Tip Berlin, Tagespiegel, Radio Fritz Berlin, Paula Lambert or recently covered in RED.TV ProSieben just to name a few.


Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.

Skirt Club EUROPE
♥ Mona & Giulia

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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