Lady Liquid Love
Sunday 24th November, 2024

Darling, we invite you to join us for an exclusive evening experience of lubricated, feminine sensual seduction and self-discovery, in a private event collaboration with erotic, sensory expert Jessica Parker of Lady Liquid Love...

“Lady Liquid Love is a collective journey exploring feminine playfulness and the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact using warm olive oil...”

Respect and discover your own rhythm, as we invite you to move and be moved without intention or sexual orientation. Releasing our usual desire to take action on erotic sensations and thoughts, we invite you to be present with them instead, and to relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you.

The concept is simple: Jessica will pour warm, fine, olive oil on to your skin, from where it will spread out over your body and form a lubricious substance, which allows you to float in a sea of explorative ecstasy together with other oily female bodies.

This is a place where you can love and be loved in an impersonal and unbound manner, and above all a place to super charge your soul.

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Join our live online Q&A with Jessica Parker on Wednesday 09 October - register here!


About Jessica Parker 

Jessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, certified sexological bodyworker, and sensual events manager. Essentially her work is based around supporting people to discover their true pleasure potential through tailored sex education and experiences within beautiful sensory spaces.


Tickets from £110
Includes admission to the intimate Lady Liquid Love Experience; welcome glass of bubbles, plus a selection of soft drinks and delectable nibbles.

Spaces are strictly limited to 10 people only.
If you are no longer able to join us, please kindly cancel your ticket at least 48 hours in advance, and let us know - we may have a waiting list!

Already fully booked?
Email Seren on seren@skirtclub.co.uk to join an exclusive waiting list.


A private studio apartment in London Fields.
Exact address will be sent to all guests 2-3 days before the event.


Arrive prompt at 5pm for an immediate start at 5:15pm. Event ends at 9pm.
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Dress Code

Dress ready to undress! This is a nude experience... but please bring comfortable clothes or a thick robe to wear home afterwards. Be mindful that there may be some oils on your body when leaving - wear something you feel less precious about for returning home.

Guests will not have access to a shower, but we will help to ensure that all excess oil is removed from your body before leaving. 

The Skirt Club Experience

What happens at a Skirt Club - Lady Liquid Love session? 
  • Jessica will begin by helping you get to know one another as we relax together in a clothed welcome circle. “We talk about the experience we are going to share… focusing also on consent, safety, how to touch in the oil etc…”

  • You will then be invited to remove your clothes (or as much as you feel comfortable removing) as we begin to undress our bodies and free our minds of stress and inhibition… “…we will go through gentle guided breathing and body warms ups to prepare our minds and bodies before we lie down in the oil…”

  • As warm oil is then sensually poured over the body, you will be guided through an exploration of yourself and the others around you. Blindfolds are available to be worn as an option, as we encourage non-verbal communication in this part of the experience.

  • Once the guided session is over you are welcome to relax in the space with a second glass of bubbly and talk through your experiences with one another, as we help guide you to gently wipe off the excess oil with paper and hot towels provided. 

  • You will also be given a microfibre towel to wrap your hair into a turban to absorb the oil if you wish. Please note there are no shower facilities at the venue so take this into consideration for your plans for the rest of the evening once you depart - you will be well moisturised to say the least!

Find out more...
Join our live online Q&A with Jessica Parker on Wednesday 09 October - register here!


FAQs about Lady Liquid Love

Will I be touched by other people? / Can I touch other people?
  • You are not expected to touch anyone if you don’t want to, and you do not have to be touched by anyone either. Within the space given, you are able to experience Lady Liquid Love on your own, or interact with those comfortable with touching and/or being touched. We invite you to explore both dynamics during your session.
  • We view Lady Liquid Love as a unique skin-contact experience. We invite you to be open to both touching as well as being touched. We particularly invite you to explore touch using parts of the body we do not usually touch with – our stomachs, our noses, our feet, our shoulders, our heads, our buttocks, our eyelashes, and so on.
  • We ask that you constantly check-in with the people you are interacting with so to ensure that you are not crossing their personal boundaries. We ask participants to practice a ‘two-taps’ signal to clearly indicate that you do not wish to be touched. We demonstrate this to all participants during our initial conversation and ask you to respect the system during the session.If at any point you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason, we ask you to raise your hand so that your facilitators can quickly attend to you. 

Is this a sex event?
  • No, darlings. Lady Liquid Love is a sensual outer body physical experience. We encourage only curiosity and exploration of our ‘external’ feminine self.

Must I be naked?
  • Nudity is recommended for a more sensual and true body experience. However, it is not essential. We want you to feel comfortable. If you would prefer to wear underwear, this is OK, but do bear in mind that what you leave on will be inevitably covered in oil. 

What should I bring?
  • Positive energy and an open mind to experience.
  • One or two towels you are not too precious about – they will become oily.
  • Comfortable clothes that you are not too precious about, again because of the oil.
  • We kindly ask that you arrive washed, clean and fresh for the session.

I have piercings / jewellery – is this okay?
  • For the safety of all the other people taking part in the session, we ask that you remove all sharp/pointy piercings and jewellery. We will provide the group with a small box where you may leave your belongings for the duration of the session.

Hygiene, health & safety
  • As this is an intimate event we expect you take responsibility and advise us as soon as possible if you are sick or have any contagious health concern as you won't be able to attend.
  • Please ensure your nails (fingers and toes) are trimmed and not sharp.
  • Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time freshly washed and clean, this is a very intimate event so please ensure you wear deodorant, there are no shower facilities but you are welcome to freshen up in the bathroom.

What if I have my period?
  • We advise a moon cup/tampon for the duration of the guided oil segment of the event. For hygiene purposes a sanitary towel won't be appropriate.

What if I'm pregnant?
  • You're most welcome but please advise us upon booking or as soon as you know.

More questions?
  • We are very discrete and friendly so if any of the above points are of concern please contact us... or better yet, join our live online Q&A session on 09 October to meet Jessica and find out more - register here!

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Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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