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Join us for a Sunday Session post Midsumma Pride March in St Kilda, Melbourne. We'll be taking over the newly launched Lady Peacock Bar.


The Glow Sha Queen - Dr. Abbie.
Love The Skin You’re In - Why Beyonce doesn’t care about her thigh gap and neither should you! Abbie provides a straight-up approach to self-love and shares insights from a TCM perspective on how your personality is displayed on your face, why it’s important, how to learn to love it as well as sharing her thoughts on the anti-aging industry. Abbie provides tools to adapt a mindset for self-love.

About Dr Abbie.
Dr Abbie Cloherty (TCM) is an expert in cosmetic acupuncture, speaker, presenter, and the founder of Zhong Centre. She has trained extensively around the world in Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, with a background in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Health Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Abbie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching people how to integrate proven 'hacks' in their daily lives to improve their health and accelerate their personal growth and development. She’ll also wipe years off your face with her chemical and filler-free approach to facial rejuvenation. You’ll find her ranting, raving, and channeling her inner Beyonce over on IG @drabbieacupuncture

Performer: Gina Stirling
Gina Stirling: putting the 'G' in 'G Spot' and revealing herself as a political, radical, queer, self-loving act. Gina explores classic, neo, and cabaret styles, infusing them into a sensual, lusty cocktail. Gina has been performing internationally in Burlesque, cabaret, and musical theatre for over a decade. Under her previous alter ego, Mimi, she achieved one of the highlights of her career by placing first in her category at The World Burlesque Games 2014 in London. In 2015 she decided to take a break to travel the world and find a place she could call home. This ended up being in Melbourne, Australia. In October 2019, Stirling made a comeback into the Burlesque and musical theatre world which started with a season of Mamma Mia! the Musical at The National Theatre and then debuting as Gina at The Australian Burlesque Festival in October 2020.


$40 entry. Includes welcome drink and entertainment.
20% discount for Enchantresses


Lady Peacock, a newly opened cocktail bar. 


Lady Peacock, 19 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne


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The Skirt Club Experience

Hosted by Ms Foxxx, your Melbourne Events Manager. Meet and chat with other members in your local community and spread the joy of Skirt Club over a cocktail or two!  Ask questions, mingle and above all, connect with like-minded women in a fun and flirty atmosphere!


Get ready for the most colourful parade in the world. Let's celebrate together Skirt Club and the LGBTQ community. Spreading the love far and wide. The first march was held in NYC 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. The March is a celebration of our lives and our community.

Our significant accomplishment through Skirt Club is that we can shed light on what is often a silent “B” in LGBTQ – bisexuality. As female empowerment evolves we dedicated our purpose to building a community of like-minded women explorers that crave a safe space to indulge in new stimuli and experiences for the heart, soul and mind.

Experience Uninhibited Living

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♥️  Ms Foxxx & Jessica

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