Pride Celebration | Brunch & Parade 
Skirt Society | Cologne
Sunday, July 21st

Hosted by Kait, your Cologne/Düsseldorf Ambassador.

Get ready to celebrate Cologne's most colorful day… CSD - Pride 2024! Let's come together Skirt Club style and embrace the 'B' in LGBTQ. Spreading the love far and wide.

Our significant accomplishment through Skirt Club is that we can shed light on what is often a silent “B” in LGBTQ – bisexuality. As female empowerment evolves we dedicated our purpose to building a community of like-minded women explorers that crave a safe space to indulge in new stimuli and experiences for the heart, soul and mind.

Don't worry - on this celebratory day, everyone is colorful, so even if you are not "out"  you'll be more than safe with us!

This is your perfect opportunity to peek into our community, get to know your Cologne Skirt Club community as well as meeting making more friends in the colorful streets of the city.

Ask questions, mingle and above all, connect with like-minded women in a fun and flirty atmosphere... what are you waiting for, darling?


BRUNCH - Tickets are 10 EUR to save your spot on our reserved table at the café!
We have limited spaces, so make sure you get your official BRUNCH ticket.
Any additional food, snacks or drinks will be on your own cost.

PRIDE PARADE MEET-UP - In the spirit of Pride, this event is free to attend. Members, please sign up for this event by clicking 'Get Tickets' and select the free PRIDE MEET-UP ticket.

Details will be emailed to those who register. All ticket holders will receive both the Brunch location as well as the Pride Meet-Up location, we kindly ask you to only show up for what you have booked.

Brunch will start at 10:00 and we will meet up for the parade at 13:00 at the communicated spot.


Brunch location will be announced soon!


Brunch reservation at 10:00. Please arrive no later than 10:30 to join us. At 13:00 we welcome those joining us for the Parade.
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Dress Code

B Proud - our Pinterest Board might inspire.

PRIDE. Come as you are and show off your most authentic self.
We would love to make visible the B in LGBTGIA+ so invite you to come dressed in pink, purple, & blue.

The Skirt Club Experience

Skirt Society is a social occasion; a smaller group gathering to keep the community engaged and curious. Think smart, professional women looking to meet with like-minded ladies in their city. Perfect for staying connected in-between our larger events and Signature Skirt Club Parties. Our About and FAQ pages will give you further context.

Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.
Skirt Club Cologne 

Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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