Sacred Womb | A Women's Healing Workshop with Kinga Papp
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Thursday 08 August, 2024

For a woman, the deepest and most ancient knowledge of life lies in her womb. The womb is like an ancient inner sanctum in the woman's body temple, holding the secrets to the eons of time and the universe.

In a woman's body, the womb is the most energy filled place within her. It is the centre from where inner voice, intuition, stillness, clarity, wisdom and the power of creation resides. Accessing, clearing and blossoming the womb can be the most powerful personal and spiritual transformation for a woman.

On a physical level, womb work aids to heal all sorts of female health conditions, as well as bringing peace, confidence and an increase your pleasure potential.

Join expert Kinesiologist and esteemed Tantric Healer, Kinga Papp, for this two hour online workshop in womb connection; feeling the pulse of the womb to release stored and unwanted emotion. 


Workshop facilitator - Kinga Papp:

Kinga Papp is a wellbeing expert and practitioner, exploring how to live in our 'feminine superpower' and sharing her knowledge and passion with other women. She perfectly combines transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, nutrition, aromatherapy, and vibrational energy techniques, through clear communication methods and many more. 

Kinga is passionate about educating and empowering women to heal themselves and learn to be in touch with their inner knowingness and their feminine essence while living their soul's purpose with more balance and authenticity.


Tickets from £40 - Two Hour Workshop (online via Zoom)
The event runs from 8-10pm (UK) but you are welcome to join us from any time zone...

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What to expect from workshop:

Join us as we connect with our womb and work to feel feel it's pulse, helping to gain access to it's intuition, and heal stored emotion.

Emotions are the main players of this game. We need emotions. We feel them for a reason. However, when we deny, resist, neglect, repress and fight our emotions they become trapped. This then creates blockage in the divine feminine energy flow and we can struggle to feel kindly towards ourselves...
During the workshop you can expect to join in with share circles, meditations and somatic work to help learn simple and effective tools to connect, identify, and heal these emotions, whilst honouring our sacred body.


Settle in from the comfort of your own home...

This workshop has been scheduled to begin at 8pm in London, but you are welcome to join us from any location and time zone that suits.

The workshop will be held over Zoom.
A live link to join will be sent to all ticket holders 2-3 days before the event. 


Join our meeting at 20:00 BST (15:00 EST) | Two hour workshop begins promptly - no admittance after 10 minutes
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