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Wednesday, 07 Feb 2024

Cupid's arrow is about to hit with Valentines day right around the corner... but how about a little self-love this year instead?

Join expert Kinesiologist and esteemed Tantric Healer, Kinga Papp, for this two hour online workshop in self-love and feminine self healing practises. 

Let's put Cupid's arrow back in it's rightful place, darling...


Workshop facilitator - Kinga Papp:

Kinga Papp is a wellbeing expert and practitioner, exploring how to live in our 'feminine superpower' and sharing her knowledge and passion with other women. She perfectly combines transformative techniques from kinesiology, life coaching, nutrition, aromatherapy, and vibrational energy techniques, through clear communication methods and many more. 

Kinga is passionate about educating and empowering women to heal themselves and learn to be in touch with their inner knowingness and their feminine essence while living their soul's purpose with more balance and authenticity.


Tickets £40 - Two Hour Workshop (online via Zoom)
The event runs from 8-10pm (UK) but you are welcome to join us from any time zone...

What to expect from this Self-Love Workshop:

Join us in a heart opening inner journey to turn self-punishment into deep and honest love for yourself. 
Do you ever feel that you are not good enough? Or do you compare yourself to others wishing you were more successful, prettier, more fit, like they are? You are not alone. Society teaches us that there is a lack in this world and we need to work hard, compete and be better than others. No wonder, the world thrives on self-criticism instead of loving the way you are.
At the same time, you probably are dreaming about being loved, seen, adored by another. But how is that possible when you can't even accept such feelings from yourself? How can you then open up yourself to your deepest pleasure potentials?
Emotions are the main players of this game. We need emotions. You feel them for a reason. However, when you deny, resist, neglect, repress and fight your emotions they become trapped. This then creates blockage in the divine feminine energy flow and you can struggle to feel kindly towards yourself. 
During the workshop you will learn simple and effective tools and tantric practices to :
  • identify stressing emotions
  • release emotional stress
  • identify the strongest block that keeps you away from deeply and profoundly loving yourself
  • use the best matching flower remedy to raise your vibration for a new, self-loving path 

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Online - Zoom
Join us from wherever you are, darling.
The link to attend will be emailed direct to all attendees.


Workshop runs from 8-10pm (UK) | Join us from anywhere in the world...
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