Sensual Self Massage


Sensual Oil Massage - The Art of Self Touch for Self Care

Missing the sense of touch and your fellow Skirt Club Sisters? Join us for a series of workshops on the Art of Sensual Self-Care.

Allow our darling Jessica lead you in learning how to use oil and touch, to self-soothe and release tension with her tantric teachings. Unite spirituality with sexuality for the ultimate feelings of full bliss.

In this 3-part series you be guided through a meditational self-massage. Learn how to sink into your body using different breathing techniques combined with touch and explore yourself in a new way.

Members may participate in all or any one session. Each focuses on a different muscle group, it's not essential to build upon previous sessions to fully benefit.

The workshop

Session 3: Lower body. Full body love, weaving the connection of your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, breasts through guided breath work and heart chakra bringing everything we've learned into one blissful session.

Join us next Saturday for:
**Bonus session** - Yoni

About the Educator: Jessica Lynn is a trained practitioner in massage therapy and tantra. With decades of experience in helping women and couples connect with their bodies she is a somatic practitioner with the utmost sensual touch.


Tickets are $20 per session and $50 for all 3 sessions. Please register by clicking Get Tickets above. Free for all hospital workers and helpers who are keeping us safe from COVID-19. Please email us for a code
Upgrade for a $5 discount and enjoy the additional perks for Seductress and Enchantress tiers:
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Chez Vous - wherever you are, darling. Join us virtually, via Zoom. Details provided to ticket holders.


8pm - 9:30pm EST

Dress Code

Slip into something comfortable.

The Skirt Club Experience

The Sensual Self Massage Experience
To keep this event’s vibe sensual and sexy, we will open doors 15 minutes before the event start time to allow guests to mingle and settle in.  At exactly 5 minutes after the event start time the room will be closed and no one else will be allowed in. This is to respect the space everyone is creating to get in the mood for sensual self massage.

A note from our educator on how to prepare for the full experience:
A few tips for this Saturday’s self massage workshop ⤵️⤵️
  • Warm up your oil before hand. I love coconut oil, it absorbs nicely into the skin and also washes out of the sheets. ..... you may want to lay down a sheet or towel if you don’t want to get oil on your bed. 
  • Be in a safe comfortable place. Set the mood for yourself with some candles, incense, a warm bath / shower before. 
  • File your nails so you have no sharp edges 
  • Use headphones or earbuds while listening so that outside sounds don’t distract you. 
  • Wear a blindfold to imagine you are in your favorite place, keep you inside your body, and heighten your other senses.


Code of Conduct
We want our virtual spaces to be safe for all women to share their authentic view points. Here are our rules:
1. Camera must be ON but you needn’t be visible for more intimate moments.
2. NO males should be in the room or in earshot of the conversation (headphones are ok)
3. It's ALL confidential - thoughts shared on the chat stay between Skirt Club Sisters

Experience uninhibited living at Skirt Club.

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Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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