How to Open up your relationship and not ruin everything!

Bored of monogamy but too scared to try an open relationship? More and more people today are curious about opening up their relationships, but there is so much confusion about what exactly that means or how to go about it. Will i get jealous? How do i convince him? Can only one of us be open?

Take a look at all the relationship options through the prism of your unique personality in a 2-hr workshop led by our super smart friend, Dr. Zhana.

What you'll learn:
  • the different types of open (and open-ish) relationships
  • where you score on sexual and emotional novelty seeking
  • the different versions of (non)consensual (non)monogamous relationships
  • gain insight into your unique personality and how it affects your relationship choices
  • discover which relationship types will be easy for you, and which ones are a stretch!


Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, is a NYC-based sex and relationships consultant, speaker, and writer helping sexually adventurous individuals and couples live authentic, healthy, and ethical lives. She holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, teaches Human Sexuality courses at New York University, and hosts the global Uncensored conversation series. Her new online course, Open Smarter, helps people make smarter decisions when exploring non-monogamy. Join her weekly conversations on Instagram.


$50 In-Person at the Savoy Hotel, South Beach, Miami. 
$30 via Zoom wherever your are (perfect for European and US time-zones)

20% discount for Enchantresses.

The session will be recorded and made available for replay to all ticket holders.


8-10pm UK / 3-5pm ET
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The Skirt Club Experience

For those joining us in-person, please meet in the conference room at The Hotel Savoy, where refreshments are served. We will begin the workshop at 3pm, so please arrive earlier in order to be seated in time. There will be a cocktail hour following at Scapegoat South Beach a short 10 min walk from the hotel. 

For those joining via Zoom we do not require you to have your camera on for this event. The Zoom web camera will be focused solely on Dr Zhana and her presentation slides as she delivers to the live audience of Skirt Members in Miami. The audience will not be in view.


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Tickets are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable. Please see our Etiquette Guide and Event Policy prior to purchasing a ticket.

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