Valentine’s Day, Schmalentines Day! As a Skirt Club fan, you’re already cutting a new path and living life on your own terms. Whether you’re attached, single or it’s something a little bit more complicated, we’re all about celebrating and embracing those female friends in your life who have your back, come what may.

So...why not get into bed with Galentines Day this year? Inspired by Amy Pholer’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, it's a growing trend every February 13th, which refocuses the attention away from a sea of tacky and lazy Valentines gifts and instead helps you celebrate the special friendships that make your life richer, funnier and infinitely more interesting.

Being true to form, we’ve curated eight great little ideas, for those sensual and spicy friends to the thoughtful and sweet ones. It’s something we should do all year long, but reminding your BFF just how precious they are will brighten up the darkest of February days.

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Bestie Bling

For those who still remember the ‘BFF’ heart necklaces and bracelets of the 80s and 90s, this could be a nostalgic tribute, reminding us of times gone by. But we really love these Girl Power earrings from Tatty Devine - a site chock-full of bling for those with plenty to say. Don’t expect plain and boring, these are pieces made to pop!

Sassy Pants

Why bother with perfume, chocolates or wine when your BFF can be reminded of your genius with something that’ll get plenty of use on a recurring basis. How about some sassy pants instead? Get brownie points and feminist props for supporting Neon Moon - an ethical brand creating ‘badass underwear for badass women’. These low-waist polka dot numbers are just the ticket.

A romping good read

For deep thinkers, hungry learners and curious types. Expand her knowledge and empower and support LGBTQ+ writers and academics at the same time. We’ve outlined all the essential reading for 2020 in our ‘Essential reading list for 2020’. But we especially love Emily Nagoski’s ‘Come as You Are’ - helping women everywhere understand their bodies and their pleasure.

A wicked whisper

Saucy audiobooks could well be the bedtime treat she never knew she needed. Ideal for ensuring (very) sweet dreams which will carry her off into the night, these stories will whisper and purr their way into her nighttime routine. Find a wealth of erotic content on Audible, and Dipsea.

A classic hand-written note

Sometimes the little things we do are more meaningful than any product you could buy in a shop. Remember the little notes you’d pass to friends in school asking them if they would be your best friend? Remember how exciting it used to be to receive snail mail? Remind your friend that she means the world to you with a simple hand made letter, note, affirmation or cartoon/sketch. Our phones will be upgraded, numbers changed - but they’ll remember the thoughtful little gestures and the effort you put into your friendship.

Simple plain paper will do, but if you’re a letter writing fan, this ‘Fierce, Feminist and Free’ letter writing set includes fierce quotes from literary greats Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Frances Hodgson Burnett and Charlotte Brontë.

Some ‘helping’ hands

Unconventional perhaps, but if she needs relaxation, attention and reminding that she is a fierce goddess who should be worshipped, a sensual massage (or - if she’s brave enough - a yoni massage) could be an illuminating experience she’ll carry with her to the grave. Make sure the practitioner therapist is recognised, reviewed and accredited - and why not get one for yourself first for some ‘market research’ of course!

A bit of a buzz

If you can’t buy your friend a magnificent sex toy, then is she even your friend? A true friend knows you need your pleasure, time and space. Our hostesses have a soft spot for the Womaniser, a gorgeous contemporary toy. The cherry on the cake? There is often a sale on in the run up to Valentine’s Day, so get moving!

A night to remember

We know these are big ticket items, but can you put a price on the most life-altering and sensual night of pleasure she might ever experience? Make it a double date and get a pair of tickets for your nearest Skirt Club gathering - or city hop somewhere completely new for a trip you’ll never forget. Not a night owl? Keep an eye on our events section for brunches, talks, collaboration events and celebrations in more than twelve cities across the globe.

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