Stephanie's journey to self discovery through yoni exploration....

I started various forms of healing in 2015. I started learning from a girlfriend, Hannah who I met through the Skirt Club community.

She taught me all about how to start owning my sexuality and really stand for my own pleasure and desires. I was hooked and I wanted to go deeper.

I then learned from Mama Gena how to love my yoni, to look at her in the mirror and really appreciate her, to listen to her as my inner guide. I started practicing with a yoni egg and sobbed my eyes out one day as I felt so many emotions pour out from inside my yoni. I learned about how stuck feelings and energy live in the body when they haven’t been processed or felt properly. I had so much built up inside that needed to be released.

Lastly I discovered the life changing practice of Yoni De-Armoring, which is a deep practice of using a crystal yoni wand to target different pressure points inside your yonthat are holding onto stuck energy from past relationships and trauma that turned into an “armor” inside.

This armor creates numbness and disconnection inside. I didn’t start this practice to achieve different types of orgasms. I started it for the immense healing I knew it would bring me.

I always thought that cervical and g-spot orgasms and squirting were just something other women could have, that I would never be able to experience these types of things. But the cherry on top was when I started experiencing every type of orgasm imaginable.  

It was like I was finally free from all the build up and gunk that I had never let go of!

I’m so excited to be offering this now to you as an online workshop – IGNITE YOUR FEMININE FIRE AND MAGNETISM.

In this course you will learn how to use a yoni wand to target different pressure points of your yoni to release energy and emotions and wake up sensation inside your yoni.

You will receive: 30 minute video talk, 1 pdf to download with instructions for a 25 minute practice, and 1 rose quartz yoni wand.

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