You might have noticed in your inbox and across our social channels that we’re getting very revved up for the next phase of our development. Skirt Club is growing - and we’d love for you to be a part of the future and help us shape the journey.

Since our early days of covert rendevouz with a small network of friends and acquaintances, we’ve snowballed into a global start-up, with more than 10,000 members.

We’ve grown into a small but powerful brand, giving our members unforgettable experiences, access to a first class network of like minded women and the power to help you live your best life - unapologetically and authentically.

Since the early days of our founder Genevieve Le Jeune flying the Skirt Club flag, we’ve also been slowly improving and expanding on the type of experiences our members can access. We’ve grown from a small core team of fewer than five to event directors in twelve major cities across the globe.

We’ve never apologised for being us and we haven’t wavered in our drive to advocate for women to deservedly find the sexual freedom they always knew they wanted.

Our members know that the kind of sexual, sensual experiences they experience at Skirt Club shapes them and makes them stand a little taller.

Skirt Club has never just been about sexual experiences, it’s also about honing the ability to ask for and receive the touch, affection and sensual interaction you desire.

It’s admitting and feeling content and confident about your passions - and celebrating the many other wonderful, complex, brave and sassy women who each play a part in making our community what it is.

Are you ready to slip in?

We’re so grateful to have reached the heights we have, to have entertained and emboldened so many of you, but here’s the thing….

We want to go even further.

We want to take you with us - and we want you right by our side to achieve even greater things.

Over the next three years, we want to invest even more in you, to bring you even more value and to provide many more safe spaces for exploration, more frequently and in more cities.

We’re at an exciting crossroads in terms of women’s sexual identities.

In most westernised countries, it’s now acceptable to be gay or straight. But that’s just part of the story. Elsewhere in the picture, there are women just like you and I, whose desires are not as easy to categorise, to pigeonhole.

Labels are for clothes - not people

Some women reject labels and reject the limitations foisted upon them by the expectations of others.

Our members tell us that their desires are often hijacked or fetishished by their romantic partners. Their desires are something that becomes a performative art, certainly not something that’s ‘for them’ and them alone.

Skirt Club has revolutionised the notion of creating a safe, shame-free space to openly explore your curiosities. Providing you with a place to explore, celebrate and talk about your desires gives you the space you need to put your own happiness first.

Your experiences at Skirt Club are shaped by your needs - be it social, emotional, sensual or sexual.

Our event experiences are a smorgasbord of sensuality, fun, play, romance and flirtation.  A place where women are celebrated and empowered.

Skirt Club members represent a wide spectrum of sexual identities. Not sure where you are on the spectrum? It doesn’t matter. Just come along and let your heart guide you.

We’re offering a tiered membership as a ‘temptress’, ‘seductress’ and ‘enchantress’ and a place where you can access discounted tickets, an online boutique and social opportunities with other members as part of our new developments.

Sexual - and intellectual

What are our experiences like? As regular members will know, it’s as much about the tease as the tantalisation.

As we warm up, you might enjoy a burlesque dance, being tied up with Shibari, trying on corsets, mixing a cocktail or listening to an expert in the field of women’s sexuality and desire - a published author, a poet, a film director a songwriter.

We celebrate the artistry and creativity of women, as much as we celebrate YOU.

As we take the next step into our next phase of development, we’re partnering with iFundWomen - a perfect fit for us as a female-only crowdfunding platform. 

We’re asking you to blossom with us and help secure our future as a powerful female-only brand.

Raised funds will help support our new and improved technology platform - a place where new connections and new horizons can be nurtured and grown.

We’re asking you to be an investor as well as an advocate. We’re asking you to help make our idea, our message, our space and our community even bigger - and even better.

If you consider yourself open minded, someone committed to the idea of women being in charge of their own sexual autonomy and destiny - then we’re on the same page.

We won’t pussy foot around it - excuse the pun - but we really do think that when women feel more in command over their romantic and sexual lives, we as a society benefit.

Be the kind of woman who funds other women, helps them advance, grow into their skin and achieve great things.

We believe there is true power beyond the party...and no, we won’t ever stop flying the flag for women having better sex. We’re in the market of human happiness, enjoyment and bliss. All things which make YOU feel better about yourself and the world we live in.

There are a number of benefits and perks to supporting us, depending on the degree of your investment. Check out the iFundWomen crowdfunding page, from tote bags to exclusive tickets to tea with Genevieve in New York, there’s something to tickle your fancy before the next party ;) you know what we’re about and what the goal is, can we count on you for your support?

Support our campaign and find your place in a female future

We salute you! ;)

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