Female Founder Feature: Elsa Viegas, Bijoux Indiscrets

Q: Thank you for taking the time out to talk with us today! Personally, I am such a massive fan of Bijoux Indiscrets. Even your social media (@bijoux_indiscrets) exudes absolute sophistication and sensuality. Where is your company based and could you tell us a little bit about what you do?

A: Bijoux Indiscrets is a female-founded and led company of sexual wellness based in Barcelona. Marta and I founded the company back in 2006 and are determined to change an industry that has been considered taboo for far too long and change how we explore our sex lives. We strongly believe that our pleasure should be ruled by no one but ourselves starting with: self-love, self-respect and self-knowledge. It is time to reclaim our (right to) pleasure!

Elsa at work.

Q: It is absolutely time for that. Couldn’t agree more. Is that what drives your company?

A: Sexuality is part of our wellbeing, it is essential for our physical and emotional wellness and general balance. And for women, sexuality is still something to feel guilty and ashamed of. We do speak more about it, but we still drag a heavy load from the past where our sexuality was reduced to having babies and pleasure was not allowed for us. We want to give all women inspiration, education and tools to explore their bodies, feel good with themselves and confident about their sexuality. To explore it and own it! To know how our bodies and pleasure work. As a woman, a designer and business owner, I want… I have to make the change possible. I need to fight the establishment to create new models and ways for future generations.

Q: Do you have any advice for women just getting started with their own journey or business idea?

A: This is a tough one but I would say: trust your gut and be willing to learn. And to fail! If you never try you will definitely never fail, isn’t it? But what fun comes from there?

Q: It's all a part of the journey... What does feminism mean to you? And sisterhood?

A: Feminism is having real gender equality. And in my business, feminism means also fighting for that equality when it comes to pleasure. We talk about closing the female pleasure gap, and this means being femenist when it comes to sexuality too. “Women are four times more likely than men to say sex is "not at all pleasurable.” I read that in a sexologist’s interview and it really shows (part of) the reality. Being a feminist is fighting slutshaming, is claiming our right to pleasure and not being shamed or judged for it. Sisterhood is something that I have asked for since forever, since I understand myself as a sexual human being. We need to join forces, support each other and not fight against each other. We need to see each other as allies and not enemies. It hurts when I see women attack other women with words like s**t or questioning the success of other women or how it was achieved. Let’s support each other unconditionally!

Q: What a beautiful and utterly badass way to approach sisterhood. I hope people are inspired reading this! What do you like about Skirt Club?

A: I love the idea of a place and community (of women) where you are free to be yourself and to express yourself.

MAZE Wide Choker and Leash 

Q: I love that too. And we love having you as part of the Boutique. You have such a fantastic range of products, like the Better Than Your Ex: Suction Clitoral Vibrator, multiple gorgeous body harnesses, and even body paint. What’s your favourite right now?

A: My all time favorite is the Maze X harness. You can wear it 3 different ways (crossed back, straight back, crossed front), but I love it most of all because it gives you a super powerful feeling, it changes your posture and frames your cleavage… It looks good over a little black dress, with lingerie (I’m not a lace person and with a basic sexy set it looks amazing) and over bare skin too. You can enjoy the pressure of the straps for bedroom fun or loosen it a little as a fashion accessory. I’m laughing at myself because I could stay in it all day! I’m pretty new to the harness world and the empowering feeling is something that’s made an impact on me.

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Q: Sounds like I need one too. Thank you, my love! Until next time! x

A: Thank you so much for having me. A big hug to all the amazing Skirt Club women.

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