Q: Hi Jessica! So good to finally meet you. I have family back in Melbourne and they’ve been buzzing about Lady Peacock! What is Lady Peacock?

A: It's a French Salon-style cocktail lounge bar in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

Q: French Salon-style cocktail lounge bar? Sounds less like a bar and more like a full-on experience. I absolutely love that. What’s on offer? Who do you work with at the moment?

A: It is definitely an immersive experience. The front has no signage and indeed looks as if there is nothing happening inside so you get that secret feeling when the door opens and you step into what I describe as a glittering genie bottle.

Our beautiful bar manager designed the cocktails under my brief. All the staff have input and we encourage them to contribute their ideas as we want the offerings to be constantly evolving.

Q: That sounds lovely and collaborative. When did you open Lady Peacock? How did the pandemic affect you?

A: We opened In May 2021 and the whole renovation and fit out was done by me in between and during lockdowns with all the challenges that presents. We have had both positive and negative effects from the pandemic and one of the positives is that our local community has really come together to support local businesses, so we have a great local patron base.

The other way the pandemic affected this was that my business partner was stuck in Hong Kong so I did the whole project, from purchase of the building to the launch, alone. He is the money and I am the time and talent, but it still would've been great to have a second pair of hands and on the ground for moral support. I don't know any other hospitality business that starts with just one person who does all of that alone and still looks good in an evening gown. ;-)

Jessica goes to work on Lady Peacock

Q: Are you fully open now? How do we keep track of updates?

A: We are fully open in between lockdowns! Melbourne has had 5 but the last 3 have been days and weeks and we hope that will only go down. Due to Covid we are still at 50% density limit and will be for the foreseeable future, but this suits us as we are an elegant seated bar. Cramming people in is not our style anyway.

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Q: You mentioned multiple lockdowns. What’s it been like seeing Melbourne open back up? What’s the atmosphere like on a buzzy Friday evening at Lady Peacock? Do you do any events as well?

A: The atmosphere is amazing and each post lockdown period has been crazy. We are generally booked out on Saturday nights but post lockdown we turn away droves of people.

We really want to do events and have lots of ideas but we have been concentrating on opening and getting our rhythm. Event ideas and execution is on the agenda for our next management meeting. Of course we do Skirt Club events, too. I had Skirt Club in mind when I was renovating! I made sure the space would suit our events and appeal to our members.

Q: What else has inspired you? I hear there’s a connection to Hong Kong there somewhere?

A: Yes, my business partner and I were inspired to do this project by a wonderful little bar in Hong Kong called Feather Boa. He took me there and we both said, “Wouldn't this secret entrance French Salon-style tiny bar work well in Melbourne?” We have made a more high-end loungey style to cater to the Melbourne market and weather, but it was the cocktails at Feather Boa that started the journey. I have had a couple of comments from people comparing our bar to Feather Boa, so I am confident that I captured the essence accurately.

Q: And how did you get connected to Skirt Club? What drew you to our community?

A: When I was post divorce, seeking experiences, I met a woman in Paris and had a fling with her. I explored a side of myself that I knew was there but I had never had the opportunity for an encounter that felt right. Guylene was wonderful but we live on opposite sides of the planet so I was seeking a way to connect with more women. I had tried in my 20's but had horrible experiences at lesbian bars. I read an article about Skirt Club opening in Sydney and I thought yes that's exactly what I want!

Q: I’m sorry to hear about your experiences… How else have you been connected to Skirt Club over the years?

A: When I joined I offered to run events in Melbourne and Genevieve said “well actually we need someone to run Sydney too!” So I took over the reins in Australia, running events in Sydney and launching Melbourne. I have family in London and travel annually so I attend the London parties when I am there. Attending these events in other cities and countries is a really magical experience and I encourage members to do it. Skirt Club is a fulfilling experience in your own city but attending around the world adds to the wow factor of the ultimate fantasy.

Q: What’s it been like bringing your dream to life, with Lady Peacock?

A: Harder than I thought even though I knew it would be hard. But it is also oh so rewarding. Every night I am there people gush with compliments and gasp upon entry, they just stare taking it all in. It is so satisfying for me to stop sometimes and also appreciate what I have created. Especially when I think back to the demolition and empty shell it was.

Q: How do you want to encourage other Skirt Club members to follow their own dreams?

A: Being involved in Skirt Club has given me confidence I never knew I had. Just walking into a Skirt Club party takes bravery.  The experience itself and getting to know yourself better and taking charge of what you want in the bedroom all contribute enormously to personal growth and professional prowess. I can honestly say that my involvement in running parties for Skirt Club has helped me get over my divorce and given me the courage to believe in myself enough to take on this huge project. Skirt Club attracts dynamic women often at a crossroads in their lives who are very capable of following their dreams… and I hope they do.

Lady Peacock?

Q: And, lastly, who is Lady Peacock? Is it you?

A: Loosely, yes she is! The perfect fantasy version of me. The person who steps through the doors. It's actually a very similar escapism that I get from Skirt Club and it is what we want our patrons to feel as well.

Q: Well, that’s it. Thank you so much for talking about your exciting new venture. I can’t wait to pop by!

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