Female Founder Feature: Priscila Gomide, Intensify.me

Skirt Club: Thank you for joining us for this little online chat! We absolutely adore Intensify.me and your selection of bodysuits, panties and scents (in both fragrance and candle form!). Where are you located and how did you get started?

Priscila: We are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Before Intensify.me, we were a natural dye and fibre brand called Gomide. Those more basic clothes needed some underwear to finish the look of the deep necklines that I drew for that collection. So I started to create simple underwear with beautiful lace and without so much structure to go underneath. My mum wears a lot of those petticoats and slips with linen, cotton and silk dresses and shirts. So I brought more French and Italian references, as well as family influences, to create beautiful and feminine looks with Intensify.me.

Skirt Club: Petticoats? Your mum sounds very stylish! What drives you to keep going? What would you say your mission is?

Priscila: Every day I have experiences at work with women that make my path clear. We design for who actually wears Intensify.me and not for who just observes. We want to boost female self-esteem so that they become stronger inside! That is the real beauty we want to achieve. We wanted to provide women with an intelligent accessory that complemented their wardrobe, so we created the first Middlewear brand in the world. Actually, we were the ones who created “Middlewear” as a term!

Tulle and Lace Bodysuit Fabi 

Skirt Club: As for those experiences at work with women that make your path clear, do you have any suggestions for women who are just getting started in business and haven’t found that path yet? Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs who might have an idea for a business but who are just setting out?

Priscila: This is not just for females, but for everyone that wants to start a business: make tests before you start putting a lot of money into it. Up until today, whenever we launched a product I started with the minimum quantity. If they sold well, I increased our inventory. It isn’t a straight line from idea, to paper, through to sale.

Skirt Club: Great advice. What does feminism mean to you? And sisterhood?

Priscila: Feminism is being equal with the differences. And sisterhood is the net that catches, hosts and protects us all.

Skirt Club: What makes you excited to be a part of the Skirt Club Boutique?

Priscila: Skirt Club is a way to break the rules that society tells us from a young age. But now we know we can be so much more! We are pure potential if we talk openly about pleasure and self knowledge.

Skirt Club: Those are two things we love to talk about! And we have to know… how did you come up with the Spicy Vagina Candle?

Priscila: Spicy Vagina was a creation that came to me after some meditation and tantra. It came from the insight that many women don't like the shape and the smell of their own vagina. The vagina is often depicted in a way that undermines our self-esteem. So I decided to make something shocking that subverted that message. I got in touch with a talented perfumer and, together, we developed the best elixir with notes of fig (symbolising the vagina both physically and also with its welcoming aroma) and the bite of black pepper that leaves a fresh breeze in the air. In between those two elements, we have a lot of other spices. It’s very complex and very rich.... Just like us.

Spicy Vagina Candle

Skirt Club: That sounds delicious and oh so beautiful. Thank you, darling! We’ve loved chatting with you.

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