Up close and personal with Genevieve LeJeune 

How did bisexual go from being a dirty word to a recognised and valid identity? One woman had a part to play in carving out an identity for bi curious women in the LGBTQ sphere here in the UK and further afield, too. Seven years ago, a woman who attended sex clubs with her boyfriend realised she wanted to have sex with women alone, somewhere that was just for her and not for men to watch.

She wondered if there were others who felt the same. She could have shrugged it off and forgotten all about it. She could have dismissed it as a pointless pursuit. Instead, she concocted something rather unique and special, which has blossomed into a growing global community on a mission to help women unlock their sexual potential and self-confidence.

Genevieve LeJeune is the founder of Skirt Club and for her, the community's message is clear: put your own happiness first, you have a right to want things. It’s ok to explore your own desires, it doesn’t make you selfish. It makes you self-aware and confident. It translates across all areas of your life. Choosing to explore what you feel will teach you more about yourself than you could possibly imagine.

Skirt Club’s Managing Director Cassie Hart gets up close and personal with the REAL Genevieve LeJeune...

Cassie: People are always asking me what you’re like, I think they know you as the face of the brand so they're curious! How would you describe yourself?
Gen: I don’t think I’m that interesting really! I’m sure if they met me they’d probably agree. I suppose I’d say I am first and foremost a businesswoman, so I have all the usual traits of one. I work very hard and I am very dedicated to what I do, but I think that’s because I believe in it so much. It started so small, and we are where we are today because of that hard work and dedication.

Cassie: Having known you a long time, I can confirm you are definitely a force to be reckoned with. But what is it about yourself that you think isn’t quite as obvious?
Gen: Ooooh! I’m very caring. Which isn’t always a good thing! I care about the people I love – I like to think I can be relied upon for advice and empathy, a shoulder to cry on. I think we all need a cheerleader, and I like to be that for women, to encourage and motivate them. I think that’s how this all started – me caring so much about women that I wanted to give them a safe space to explore. After all, Skirt Club is something I created not necessarily for myself, but so that other women wouldn’t have to go through what I experienced.

Cassie: As the face of the brand, do you ever get nervous about your image being used in relation to Skirt Club?
Gen: I’ve never actually considered that. Our members like to remain anonymous, or at the very least not have everyone know about their involvement – it’s part of the appeal. I hope that my image being out there as founder and CEO is relatable to people – I’m just a normal woman, and so are our members! There are lots of shots of me, some rather seductive, but that’s part of the fun. I’m representing our community, and that’s a privilege.

Cassie: I myself recently did a YouTube interview, and I was so nervous to do it! Do you think that our brand values have changed at all since you started the club?
Gen: I think the times have changed and we have evolved alongside. Our membership is more varied because a wider range of women are accepting their sexual freedom. We’ve poured a lot of energy into our online platform so the community can engage better with each other. Our brand values and message are the same, but different people are listening now. It’s a new era and bisexuality and bi-curiosity aren’t as taboo as they once were. It’s incredible to have played a part in that change.

Cassie: Skirt Club is the best at what we do: have you seen other organisations following our lead?
Gen: Of course. It’s inevitable that as society evolved, more and more events with similar concepts have been born. I’m delighted to see the idea has gained so much popularity. Especially with the influence of social media being. But Skirt Club is unique. It began at a time when there was nothing like it, and I think the key difference between us and anyone else is our membership. We are like the Chanel of women’s only sex parties, with a genuine and engaged community. You can buy a fake but you’ll always know the difference, or you can save and treat yourself to the real thing. I think our members deserve the authentic and original concept; there’s nobody quite like us!

Cassie: Can you tell us what it is like to be the leader of such a pioneering community? Is it as glamorous as it looks?
Gen: It’s certainly not easy. But I do love it. It can be extremely glamorous; we hold parties in stunning venues wear gorgeous lingerie and we sip champagne. But it’s also a lot of work, and that work is constant. Every event is meticulously planned and coordinated by myself and my amazing team. Every social media post is carefully thought out. Every member in our community has questions and the website is constantly being updated to meet their needs. My job can also involve many tedious tasks, I won’t bore you, but it’s all worth it when the end result is a close knit community who love our events.

Cassie: It sounds stressful! When do you take a break?
Gen: I don’t really! I’m trying to be better at delegating, but Skirt Club is my everything. So I find it hard sometimes to let go. I try to take a break as often as I can, but it’s difficult to switch off knowing that you are responsible for such a large community. Like many woman, we try to juggle it all.

Cassie: Haha. So when you do take a well deserved break, what do you do to relax?
Gen: Relax what's that? Ha! I get bored way too easily to sit down. I guess I spend a lot time with my husband. I’m not very good at relaxing if I’m honest – which in hindsight is what led to my burn-out last year.

Cassie: You have faced many challenges along the way, and overcome them all. Has this affected your ambitions for the business?
Gen: Not at all – if anything, it’s made me more determined! We have faced a lot of obstacles, and each time I have been saddened by the overwhelming misconception of our brand. It’s a fear of the unknown that I think is instilled in society. We are associated with a scene that isn’t accepted or understood. We are also unique and represent a very niche part of that scene. So we don’t really fit anywhere, and thus can’t be defined, which unnerves people. I’ve had moments where I’ve lost faith, and there have been times when I’ve struggled to push forward. But there’s a voice in my head that tells me that there’ll always be challenges, and giving up just isn’t an option. I’m still ambitious and I still have lots of incredible plans for us, but right now I am focussed on ensuring that the world will be ready for us when we launch them.

Cassie: Do you think the world has evolved to a point where that could be possible?
Gen: I think that the game has changed.. The real issue surrounds sexual curiosity and sexual appetite. If you attend something like Skirt Club, it’s perceived negatively because you are asserting your interest in sex. Which is absurd. But sadly, it’s especially true for women. So I guess we’ve moved forward but we still aren’t quite there yet.

Cassie: I agree. Do you think having a sexual curiosity is beneficial?
Gen: Yes, absolutely! Sexual exploration is an element of self care. It’s a way of getting to know yourself. Skirt Club is a place just for you, to do as much or as little as you like. Half the battle is even recognising the importance of that self awareness, and I’m always so proud to see women joining and learning more about themselves.

Cassie: What advice would you give a newcomer to Skirt Club?
Gen: I think the most important thing to remember is to try not to have any preconceptions – they tend to always be wrong. Be open minded, take your time, and don’t forget that at the end of the day you’re in good company. Everyone is there for the same reason, so relax and enjoy it. 

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