Your guide to heightening pleasure through Alternative Female Erogenous Zones 

  1. Definition of an erogenous zone
  2. Erogenous zone map
  3. Mindfulness touch challenge

Often, we tend to go straight for the genitals when it comes to our sexual pleasure. However, female erogenous zones are so much more diverse and can be found in the strangest of places. If we slow it down, pay attention to our arousal and the little pleasures of touch, we can have the most extraordinary experiences.

It’s important to explore our bodies to know what we like in the bedroom and take more pleasure into our everyday lives. Slowing down sex and physical touch can also develop a greater sense of intimacy between partners.

The next time you’re feeling sensual, use the opportunity to tantalise different parts of your body, discovering your alternative erogenous zones.

What’s the definition of an ‘erogenous zone’?

Let’s go beyond Monica Gellar’s famous 7 erogenous zones from the TV show Friends. An erogenous zone is defined as a sensitive area of the body that can trigger arousal, or sexual response when touched or stimulated in some way.

Did you know? Every square inch of skin contains 1,000 nerve endings, making your entire body one huge erogenous map filled with pleasurable potential. You’ll find a higher concentration of nerve endings in joints of skin, such as the inner elbow and in between the fingers, as well as the groin area.

However, everyone’s body is different, which is why this pleasure mapping and touch challenge will help you to enhance your sweet spots and find those you didn’t even know existed...

Erogenous zone map

  1. Scalp 
  2. T-Zone: forehead, eyebrows and nose 
  3. Lips 
  4. Ears 
  5. Neck 
  6. Inner arm, wrists, armpits 
  7. Stomach 
  8. Lower back 
  9. Inner thighs 
  10. Bum 
  11. Back of knees 
  12. Feet and toes

Alternative erogenous zone - woman touching her neck

The Mindfulness Touch Challenge

Take a few minutes out of your day for this mindfulness touch practice. Close your eyes and take 20 deep breaths. As you breathe in gently tighten your pelvic floor. As you breathe out, release.

Now, mentally scan your entire body from the top of your head to the tip of your toe - imagine a feather stroking over you. Then focus all your attention on the specific body part you are dedicating your pleasure to that day.

Take your ears for example. Ask yourself a few questions: How do they feel? What temperature are they? Have you ever felt pleasure there? What would pleasure here feel like?

Spend a few minutes touching this body part, and this body part alone. This works well either by yourself or with your partner. Play around with soft lighter touches, and deeper massage sensations. How do they feel? Notice the feeling of your ears receiving this touch. Notice how they feel on your fingertips.

As you are touching this body part, start to focus your attention on your genitals. Tighten and release the muscles and breathe as you did before, building orgasmic energy and letting it flow into the body part. Try letting out a sigh or a moan. How does that feel?

At the end of your focused touch session, you can dip into masturbation or sex depending on how you feel, with orgasmic release.

But for an extra juicy challenge, let that orgasmic energy simmer in that part of your body. Edging everyday with a new body part.

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