Join us In Chastity - for some va-va-Zoom! 

By Liva Skirt Club Ambassador, Hamburg

So...the world is under lockdown, and we’re all trying to find ways to cope. For Skirt Club members it’s essential to be able to connect, that’s always our mission for you. But since we can’t meet up in person right now, we got creative! At a time when Zoom is the new café across the street, we dived in and got busy to make sure our lovely members have the chance to keep meeting up for flirtation and fun.

Once a week on Wednesdays, we get together in different time zones to meet the lovely ladies making up our community. We’re providing members with a digital space where they can find each other, connect and make friends. For the past five weeks now, we’ve enjoyed sharing so many beautiful moments with you. 

So far, members and supporters all around the globe have so far joined us in our In Chastity Chats. But with all our differences, the biggest takeaway from our talks is that we really are so similar. Various states, continents, cultures, and religions have shaped each one of us. Some might have been brought up very religiously, others have been raised very liberally and are naturally very open. Some might not have the luxury to be truly ‘seen’ by their families and friends, while others can be themselves within their close circle. We’re united in our community by all these varying stories. You all come to us for a safe space to talk to people who share your experiences and beliefs. So really, the only difference between us is our accents.

Our lovely Community Manager from the US, Topanga Turk, puts it perfectly:

"You can learn from my story, and I can learn from yours!". 

No need to be coy, share away!

When it comes to sharing our kinks and quirks, all of us are deeply influenced by our respective cultures. Social norms have been so deeply entrenched and embedded in our minds that some feel a sense of shame and guilt because we might have been taught that what we feel is not normal. But at Skirt Club we unlearn those norms and rewrite our mental coding with positive experience and new, fun memories. We’re creating our own normal, and we can live our sexual realities out in the open without judgment.

You might share your love for dildos in our chats, with people you don’t even know. Your brain might want to tell you that’s a bad idea. But there’s a room full of women, who react positively to your input and even share your opinions. You learn there is no need to hold back! There is no need to mask or downplay your quirks, your kookiness or your kinks - because there’s a high chance we share them too!

Women who lean in 

We’ve always loved the positive effect that opening up to like-minded women has on women in our community. But our In Chastity Chats have given us a new platform to open up in a totally different and unique way and that’s really special. We’re now even seeing members online who haven’t yet been to one of our events joining us In Chastity and experiencing the close bond we share. That this has translated so well into an online experience is testament to the power of the Skirt Club network.

Many of you get to jump any hurdles that might have held you back until now. Join us In Chastity and you’ll get to know us and hw Skirt Club works. When we meet in person at our Mini Skirt or Signature party, it’ll be all the sweeter having met online first. Women get a bad rep in wider popular culture for hierarchies, for bitchiness, for jealousy. That’s not something we see in our network, though. We only support and lift one another up. We lean in, we admire, we give positive feedback - and if we admire you, we’ll definitely tell you!

What kind of things do you chat about? 

Each week we tend to follow a theme along the lines of a certain topic - it can be anything from self-care to sex-toys, relationships, careers, identities and anything in between. Conversations between us can go a little off-piste depending on the input from members, but it’s been illuminating to experience these chats which feel so familiar and natural despite the many miles between us. We want to understand what makes you tick, help you see the sun in the cloud and embrace you exactly as you are.

"It doesn’t matter where along a sexual spectrum you sit we want you to show up as who you are today, and we will accept you even if it changes daily!"Topanga Turk

We can see how much the In Chastity Chats mean to all of you who’ve joined us so far and this quarantine-era is only emphasising the fact that connection is so, so important! If you haven’t attended one of our chats yet, we urge you to experience the vibe yourself!

After all, we want you to use our events in real life and online as an escape from all the responsibilities of daily life. You can get out of your heads with us fora while and then close your laptop, look around your home, and think: "OK, now I’m ready to face the day….!"

Access In Chastity chats in the US, UK, Germany and Australia

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