Thus far, 2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster. And sadly, not the enjoyable kind that gets your heart racing and your blood pumping; but rather the more dubious and sinister kind that leaves you with wishing you’d never had the idea to ride in the first place. What on earth were we thinking?

As you can imagine, for Skirt Club, a business built on the premise of physical, sensual and intellectual connection, so the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard. We are a global community brought together in our desire to explore our sexuality with like-minded women. So what exactly happens when such women are all stuck at home reading about and subsequently imagining all the delectable delights that Skirt Club would normally offer? Well, a few things.

Initially, the lockdown period was a wake up call. A reminder to all of us to think long and hard about what we really want from life. What makes us happy? Who do we love? What do we want for ourselves? This was made easier due to the simple fact that there was, quite literally, nobody else around. We were all in isolation. So it’s no real surprise that during the early stages of the pandemic, we at Skirt Club saw an increase in applications globally. A flurry of bicurious women across the world, all finally taking the plunge and signing up to the most exclusive and elegant women-only members club in existence. No time like the present. The very uncertain, unpredictable present. Amazing, right? We certainly thought so.

So, we followed your lead. You made the first move and we wanted to reward your boldness. We worked tirelessly to improve our web platform, as interaction increased and demand required. We held virtual In Chastity Chats: enticed and delighted, intrigued and inspired in the unique way that only Skirt Club can. We continue to welcome our newest members with open arms on our Orientation calls, regaling with tales of Signature parties and seductive soirées.

We are reaching out to other women-led businesses, collaborating and building relationships with sophisticated brands who share our vision. We are recruiting new and eager faces to be the eyes and ears of our community in their regions, encouraging similarly inclined women to engage with them just as they would with us, should the times have allowed. And finally, as rules and restrictions eased, we are even managing to hold a sorely-needed social every once in a while.

The question however still remains. How do we replicate the thrill of another woman’s touch? How do we simulate the sensation of butterflies upon walking through the doors of a Signature party? How do we preserve that special and oh so seductive feeling, that mysterious magic we have spent years sprinkling on Skirt Club members far and wide? Sadly, we can’t. It’s impossible. And to pretend otherwise would depreciate just how special that experience can be. But never fear. Someday soon, things will get better. We remain optimistic, and we hope you do too. We stay adamant that we will lock eyes soon, that we will hand out keys and once again scatter petals lovingly onto the bedspreads of our apartment, ready to welcome you back. Things can only improve. We women have a knack for sensing these things, so trust us on this one.

In the meantime, we urge you to bear with us. We will continue to send our new and beautifully crafted newsletter, full of inspiration and insight to keep you motivated in these tough times. We are still the only club of our kind, the only place to meet the women you’ve been dreaming of. They are only a click away, at the other end of a direct message.

 At HQ, we continue to busy ourselves with new and exciting projects, all with the aim of providing you, our darling members, with a new lease of lust and love. Not just for us, but for yourselves. The newest of which, our Skirt Club Boutique, allowing us all to own a piece of the action; a token of the secret we all share, the safe space we all love and miss so much.

Let’s make this rollercoaster our bitch.

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