Le Weekend: friendship and frolics in the sun

At our exclusive ‘Le Weekend’ in Ibiza last year, we came, we saw...and of course, we came again. Friendships were nurtured, boundaries extended and explored, new business connections were formed. Our ‘Le Weekend’ experiences are nourishing in every sense of the word.

On September 5th, we’ll be hosting 2019’s ‘Le Weekend’ in Miami. If Ibiza was hot then Miami will be dynamite. Skirt Club members from all over the globe will be soaking up the last rays of summer at one of Miami’s luxury destinations. But what is it that makes the ‘Le Weekend’ experience so special?

For Skirt Club founder Genevieve Le Jeune, it’s pure escapism.

“There’s something uniquely freeing about the kinship people feel with fellow Skirt Club members, it’s a very VERY unconventional kind of friendship, where you go deeper and further than you would with a friend or a partner. It’s also a place where others hold space for your expressions of desire, your ambitions and your goals. When members attend a ‘Le Weekend experience, they come away completely rejuvenated with a new appetite for life. It’s the highlight of our annual calendar - and it has a positive ripple effect for your sex life and your professional life once you’ve returned home.” 

But what about other members? What was it about their Ibiza experience that’s enticed them back a second time? San Francisco Skirt Club director Topanga Turk shared her look back to Ibiza recently on her Instagram stories:

“I met the most incredible people last year and feel like my life is richer because of the women I met at Le Weekend in Ibiza. I flew a long way to get there so I spent every morning and lunchtime with an aperol spritz by the pool! It gave me a great opportunity to get to know other women and make some great connections. It’s really about YOU doing YOU - and being the sexy you that you want to be in that space! How epic would it be that a group of bisexual women shut down an entire hotel to have a sex party!? Not only is it a sex party though, it’s friendship, camaraderie, it’s about bold and inspiring women inspiring one another to be their best and most authentic self. Being validated by so many other people being their free selves...was bad ass! There’s nothing like it, it quite literally changed my life.” 

A US-based member shared her experience of attending Le Weekend in Ibiza for the first time in 2018, even overcoming her fear of flying and practising hypnotherapy to enable her to get on the plane. Now that’s commitment!

“I’d heard other members brag about how awesome Ibiza 2017 was. Ibiza 2018 exceeded my expectations and changed my life as well. It made me so much more self confident. I went to Ibiza (booked it before I’d ever been to SC before!) because I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone and not have an excuse to back out. I discovered the joys of travelling alone from other members who shared experiences of doing it themselves. And I had a great time in Ibiza! I’ve met people I’ve stayed in touch with and now feel part of a global community when I’ve never had that before. I went to Ibiza because in my opinion life is all about new experiences, making exciting memories which will keep you warm in dark times. Spending three days with people allows you to get to know them better than just at a party. Each woman going to an event has a unique journey, each one is a strong person who dared doing something “forbidden”. So meeting everyone has always been fascinating! Also, let’s face it, it’s pretty glamorous to say you’re flying to a long female orgy weekend in a fancy hotel by the beach, just saying…” 

Mind, body and soul

This year’s ‘Le Weekend’ experience celebrates the sensual and the sexual, bringing together tantric yoga, ‘awaken your body’ workshops, boss lady brunches and breezy poolside soirees that spill over into the early hours. Let’s not forget - some mind-altering pleasure, both from your new play friends and with yoni and sensory healing sessions with the wonderfully healing Michelle Alva.

As if that’s not enough, we’ll also be offering ‘Le Weekend’ ladies the chance to come bar hop with us in South Beach, get spicy with us at Miami’s most famous strip club and take a jaunt on a private yacht.

Le Weekend will be hosted at the delectable Kaskades Hotel in South Beach, a deeply luxurious but discreet location where personal service and privacy is assured. This is not an ordinary holiday...and definitely not for ordinary girls. We ask you to open your minds and your hearts for an experience you’ll never forget.

Here’s a flavour of last year’s highlights from our exhausted but elated guests in Ibiza:

"While Skirt Club often gets written about for its racy parties, I observed so much more - pure camaraderie between women regardless of shape, size, race, or economic standing...bonded by being comfortable in their own skins. It was one of the most empowering moments of my life.” 

"I had the first double orgasm of my life...and could not walk for 15 minutes after!" 

"I have to say, in occasional moments like this I get out of my head and get intensely blinded by a violent feeling of freedom. I can even say a violent feeling of happiness. It's super strong, like a huge shot of adrenaline. Sex is empowering like nothing else!” 

“Ibiza was a welcome escape from the mundanity of everyday life - stimulating in every sense of the word and unapologetically indulgent.” 

Fancy taking a trip with us?

We hope we'eve whetted your appetite? Come and experience more, more, more in Miami with our team of Skirt Club angels.

Limited tickets are available: access booking and ticket information.

For questions or requests, email members@skirtclub.co.uk


The Skirt Club ladies

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