Up close and personal with London’s Seren Sins...

‘One cock for life’ - a tale of trauma

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret here about my ‘first time’...it was super naughty, and I broke a lot of rules... *tap me on the wrist* ... but it was worth it! I was in a relationship with a guy and things were going... not so great. We’d had a little gap in our relationship and I’d done some travelling, but also... I’d done a lot of fucking. 

Getting back together was good, but one thing that left me in turmoil was the idea of going back to ‘one cock’ for life. Ouch. We talked a little about exploring sex parties as a way to overcome this new terror in me (before our break I’d been very happily committed to that one dick) and I did some research online, but the conversation between us was not going too great.

A Google search brought up the ‘Best Sex Parties in the UK’ and Skirt Club caught my eye as it was the only one which featured ‘women only’ - and it looked sexy AF! I thought “Great! A party he’ll be OK with because this one is just girls, at least I can go and have some fun by myself...” but oh, how wrong I was. My then male partner surprised me with his response that ‘sex with another person, is still sex with another person...’ I mean, the boy wasn’t wrong, but I’d been expecting him to take up the more recognised male response that ‘my girlfriend having sex with another girl...?! Yowzers, yes, that’s super hot, go for it!’

I was utterly gutted when he didn’t and felt incredibly trapped in a situation I no longer wanted to be a part of. So, (here’s the naughty bit) - I went along anyway. Needless to say, we are not together now, and I had one of the best nights I could ever have imagined. And to this day...? I am still not committed to ‘just one cock’ for life.

Bicurious beginnings 

When I first went to Skirt Club, I considered myself more bicurious. I’d played around with girlfriends back in school, but my relationships as an adult had all been straight and monogamous. Today, I proudly identify as bisexual, and whilst I will always love the sensation of a great big piece of man between my legs, I would also very happily have a relationship with a woman. So girls... get your strap on! 

Skirt Club was my first ‘sex’ event, and it was brilliant, but it opened the door for me to explore so much more following on from it. Since that first night, and the end of my relationship that followed, I hit the ground running with the range of events I started to try out.

“We’re very lucky in London to have an exceptionally frequent and varied scene when it comes to sex. From swinger parties, to kink play, fetish events, and dirty, sexy, rubber raves... we’ve got it all (and I’ve been to everything!). But truthfully, there’s no place quite like Skirt Club…” 

I’m so grateful that my experience with Skirt Club awakened me to a version of myself that existed, but had not yet been discovered. Now I can’t be anything but my true, authentic self when it comes to exploring sex. My social life is predominantly focused around sex play and parties, and my closest friends today are the women I met on that first night at Skirt.

We swapped numbers and kept in touch – I had found my people, and there was no way I was going to lose them! I play with men, women, and couples on a regular basis, and I would say that I have probably slept with as many women now as I have men in my lifetime.

I always find it rather ironic that whilst I regularly dabble in play with polyamorous people and curious couples – I actually work in weddings! I have to be very careful about who I’m referring to when I talk about ‘my couples’ sometimes...

What to expect from a London Skirt Club Party

Coming to Skirt Club opened up a whole new world for me, because I was so fortunate that on my first night there I connected with an incredible group of gorgeous women, who have all gone on to become my closest friends. We are so open and understanding as a group, and I can be my absolute most honest and authentic self when I am around them. There is no judgement. But some women attend their first play party and have an absolute ball of a time, then walk out of the door and go back home to a life where they can’t talk about their experience – they keep it secret from their colleagues, and their friends just would not understand.

What I want to do, is not just create a space where women can play, but encourage meaningful connections between the women in the room; knowing that they can walk away and keep in touch with one another through our forums or on the membership site, to keep on talking about their experience, how great it made them feel, and to ask some of the questions that might come later.

“Skirt Club London is not just a party, it’s a place of discovery, flirtation, and above all else – friendship. It is a community, and one that communicates and explores….” 

I’ll be adding some extra talks and workshops to our schedule this year, along with some more social opportunities and sensual experiences, for our members to truly connect and feel part of something bigger.

Skirt Club London: the original article 

London is where Skirt first began, so it will always be just that little bit extra special! We began here, and we’re never afraid to try new things here either. British people in general, though, do have a very unique attitude when it comes to sex. Many people think of us as being quite prudish in our sexual nature, but the truth is we’re completely bonkers wild between the sheets! 

We can be very hands on, rough and tumble when we want to be, or sexy, soft and sensual too... but what’s unique is we also know how to laugh and have a giggle in the bedroom, which can make for some very memorable experiences!

Skirt Club London’s ladies 

I adore all our London members and there are definitely a few faces who spring to mind when I think about quirky characters! But, I truly love any of the girls who turn up fully loaded with energy and excitement, ready to have a great time and share their exploration and experience. They’re the ones who always walk away leaving everyone utterly glowing... 

“The newbies that come along and tell me they’re super nervous, then two hours later I see them fully naked, running around the apartment, joyously swinging from the chandeliers living their best, most liberated life…”

Theme it like it’s hot 

I have SO MUCH FUN coming up with the themes for the events in London and I’m even more excited to say that some of those themes are being rolled out into the other cities too – with great demand! I used to be a performer, and I’m a total show-off when it comes to outfits, so any excuse to get dressed up and dig out some sexy pieces of costume to wear leaves me glowing. ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ was a fine example!

My top tips for a tip top night with London Skirt Club 

Stop thinking and start coming...literally... haha! Seriously though, if it’s already in your mind then it’s time to buy a ticket. No one is going to make you do anything that you don’t want to do – so, I suggest you set your intention, turn up, and see where the night takes you. You will not regret it. We offer a place of exploration and liberation for women, in a world that’s often dominated by men’s sexual needs above our own. It is a safe, gloriously welcoming, inclusive space, where you can be entirely yourself sexually – or, you can choose to explore a side of them that’s different, without the judgement of anyone else.

Representing Skirt Club across the globe 

I attended the filmed documentary party in LA this year (which was increeeeeedible by the way) and I’m a regular in San Francisco and New York too. By the end of 2020 though... I hope to have visited them all. There’s ambition for you!

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