Skirt Club may be a bastion of sexual exploration and let’s face it - wild abandon. But when it came to putting ourselves out there for Pride? Well...we don’t mind admitting we were a bit shy. This year though, things were different. For the first time, we would ‘come out’ in support of Pride. We would emerge like a beautiful rainbow-clad butterfly from our little cocoon and stake our long-overdue claim in the LGBT community. As the US celebrations drew to a close over the weekend, we look back on how we’ve played a part - and how it’s inspired us to do more to raise the visibility of our members, no matter what label or identity they choose.

2019 is becoming the year when despite advances in rights for our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters, we’re seeing an unprecedented rise in attacks, homophobia and misogyny from various political and social circles. This growing lack of tolerance is pushing our collective rights backwards. We’re all struggling for visibility, we all want to be seen without abuse, discrimination and prejudice. We all deserve love and respect. No-one should be forced in the closet. We could no longer stay silent during such a monumental event - and we thought it was about time we put the ‘B’ back into LGBT (article link).

Skirt Club has a unique vantage point and role to play as the only global members club known for bisexual and bi curious women. We want to keep sending out the message that bisexuality exists. With Skirt Club celebrations taking place in San Francisco and London, Skirt Club also made history by being the first ‘Bi curious members club’ to have a designated place in the Europride march in Vienna and in New York’s Pride celebrations.

Vagina love in Vienna

Our event planners in Vienna wanted to play a role in highlighting and celebrating bisexuality as part of Europride. This would be Skirt Club’s first public-facing event, bringing together Skirt Club members from Berlin and Vienna, as well as their allies, friends and partners.

Berlin’s Skirt Club Event Director Marina Marquez looks back:

“Marching for the first time was an incredible experience, you felt you were being part of a legend. We walked through the scorching heat and were on our feet for about seven hours! It was tiring but I felt I was setting the message that bisexuality is not a phase and we believe in acceptance and love...I was very touched that so many members walked with us and till the end. It was endearing to see how under the umbrella of bisexuality, strangers just became friends. I’ll always cherish this moment”

Guilia, Skirt Club’s Event Manager for Vienna was part of Europride’s event representing Skirt Club. She wanted to highlight the ‘often invisible B’ in the LGBTQ community and says despite the discreet nature of Skirt Club, she was surprised at the level of interest from her Skirt Club chapter, who wanted to join their cohort marching in the parade.

Prior to the march beginning, the Skirt Club’s group was shocked and delighted to discover that the ‘Photo zone’ element of the event would catapult their brand to a global audience and were called on stage to showcase their group in front of the gathered press. Guilia recounts her experience of their (scorchingly hot) Skirt Club debut:

“It was all eyes on us - and an official introduction between Skirt Club and the crowd. The love and tolerance you feel during the parade from participants and visitors is incredible. Bisexuality is still very invisible and not completely accepted in society - even by other members of the LGBTIQ community. It’s very important to shed a light on it. To anyone wanting to walk with us next time I’d say dress as freely as you want, drink plenty of water...and walk with pride!”

Skirt Club Vienna member Amy has never considered marching in Pride before, despite admiring how brave, colourful and diverse the participants were.

“I felt reluctant to show myself as part of the LGBTQ+ community at such a public occasion. Before Skirt Club, I didn’t have a community where I felt comfortable enough to share this moment with. But this year's Europride was taking place in my hometown of Vienna AND the fabulous Skirt Club team would be there - it finally gave me the courage to join in with this thrilling scene.”

Amy believes Skirt Club’s presence in the parde was a key milestone in Skirt Club’s development, a different beast to the typical closed events where discretion and privacy are key. This time, we’d be inviting our members and team to show their faces to the world.

“This time it was a conscious decision for us to go public. It was an exciting way to show our pride in being who we are. We wanted to show everyone how glad we are to demonstrate our sexual orientation. We are here! We’re a big crowd of proud women addressing other bisexual women out there, encouraging them to live their lives to the fullest...!”

Taking a bite of the big apple

With Skirt Club’s founder Genevieve LeJeune now located in New York, we were perfectly positioned to be a part of the World Pride NY celebrations, marching with a super-sized Bi and Pan-themed flag through the scorching city.

Skirt Club members and supporters joining the cohort flew in from all corners of the states (and our lovely Jo, from the London gang!) and all shone like superstars on the day. Decorated with bi colors, rainbow flags, Skirt Club boob tattoos, nipple pasties, rainbow socks, golfing-style Skirt Club visors and a flavour of their own wild and wonderful personalities - it was a riot of colour and celebration.Genevieve’s ‘Bi til I die’ T-shirt set the tone for the weekend - and the party continued long after the parade finished. Speaking of Skirt Club’s role in LGBT community, Genevieve added:

“I’m officially putting myself forward as spokesperson and champion of Bi-women. On meeting with many members of the LGBTQ community, all note how little representation the B in LGBT gets. It’s time to make a change…."

Year of the Bisexual

The extra cherry on the cake following our global Pride debut? Genevieve was featured in ‘The Guardian’, a prominent UK newspaper talking about ‘the Year of the Bisexual’.

With Pride wrapped up in the States, we’re excited that elsewhere in the UK and mainland Europe, the Pride party continues. Because we’re not done telling our story yet. Our parties may take pace behind closed doors, but we’re determined to fly the flag for bisexuality and bi curiosity.

Like we’ve said before to our members: you’re not too gay for straight spaces, you’re not too straight for gay spaces. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be and you are enough.

We see you, sisters!

“Today's generation believe diversity plays a key role in eliminating hate and abuse. Bisexuality is a colour that needs to be recognized. We are not indecisive, we are not just adventurous, we are not confused, we are not going through a phase - we are sexually attracted to men and women - that's it!” 

(Marina Marquez, Skirt Club Berlin)


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