A ‘dream weaver for women’, Poppy Delbridge is a mindset coach and TV creative, offering workshops, retreats and coaching for women looking to transform their personal and professional lives. With so many of us at home at the moment, Poppy shares advice and tips for those looking for positive change in their lives - both now and in the future, once quarantine measures are over.

Skirt Club: Hi Poppy, tell us how you help women and what kinds of people are your clients?

Simply put, I remove blocks, bust unhelpful beliefs about our potential and create a life and work that we truly desire (not what we think we should). I focus on the integration of personal and business coaching for women - with a big dose of mindset and manifestation as my expertise. What I mean by this is turning thoughts into things and wishes into accountable actions.  I have 17 years experience as a TV creative and now run my own TV company alongside SLAY, typically running creative teams and working with on-screen talent. My clients are all women; anyone from A-list names to career movers and shakers who want to take it to the next level but not sap their soul in the process.

Skirt Club: How can women make the most of this time during isolation? 

Rise up - but internally. Re-focus, pivot and start to do all the freeing mindset work - and manifest your wildest dreams. Start small, begin to do daily fun practises that help shift your mindset from any stuckness (I can't do this, I'm not good enough etc) to POWER (I am enough, practise affirmations, rewire yourself to believe in possibility and positivity).

“You can live your dream life feeling empowered and free. That's the power of the inner game being super-strong. Work it like a muscle right now during lockdown…”

Skirt Club: What are the risks of all this time in isolation and what should we keep in mind?

Isolation is lonely, we miss the human touch and connection but we do have our own inner power and connection that can allow us to have some control and comfort in the fact we are WAY more powerful that we think we are. Don't let the energy of fear and dread take over your mind and soul so it consumes you. Use Techniques to raise your energy and positivity. You can check these out via @slayretreats and my IGTV mini-video series to help with corona vibes over on my Instagram.

“It’s absolutely worthwhile resting and rejuvenating, the problem is when all this down time has an effect on our mental health….it drains our energy and can actually have a negative effect on mood. It’s so important to exercise both our bodies and minds.”

Swap an old habit for a new habit - if you slob out with Netflix too much, just replace it with an inspiring podcast. If you drink too much wine right now then swap one for a smoothie. Be easy on yourself, start small. It's a lockdown after all. Be kind to yourself.

Skirt Club: Are we realistically going to keep up these habits after quarantine is over?

Try to write everything down. How you feel, what your goals are, what you set as intentions - and follow processes when all the structure is gone. Get regularity going and create new normals. Keep your dreams alive by using manifesting tips.

"Don't try and do it all alone - join a community, use the Skirt Club’s offerings, find new outlets for your energy and creativity and create something that keeps you accountable. After all this is over, try and maintain the momentum for any new habits or hobbies you create…"

Look for books, podcasts and even music to stay positive and keep up your spirits….oh, and try Goop - it's way better than you think it will be!

Looking for fresh motivation? Poppy is offering a range of programmes to tackle COVID-19 isolation, including SLAY Energy sessions (Tuesdays at 9AM And Thursdays 6pm), a SLAY Intention Setting Guide (available with a 70% off flash sale), ‘Supersoul Sunday’ and podcasts. Access more info and tools via @slayretreats and @poppydelbridge.

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