Power strugglesWhat a year it’s been! 2019 was not kind to us.

Between being persecuted by payment providers, having our funds frozen and facing issues with event venues, it’s been a bumpy ride. We have faced discrimination; we have fought prejudice; we have had to justify our right to exist again and again. In the face of all that adversity, we are still standing. Not only are we standing, but we are thriving. Our community continues to grow. Our ethos for female empowerment and sexual curiosity continues to reach more and more women across the world. Our events continue to attract ever increasing numbers. Our team continues to work tirelessly to preserve the legacy of our fierce female leader.

Since we first started out, Skirt Club has continuously evolved and transformed. Our purpose remains the same, but the safe space we provide for our members comes in many different forms. Events; articles; online community interaction. We support you all in any way we can, in whatever medium you need. We are no longer the passion project of one woman’s dedication to our community, but a global network of women who are committed to empowering themselves. I hasten to add however, that we aren’t a multi million pound corporation. Our focus is not profit margins and overheads.

Our priority is you. Our members. The women who join us on the journey to self discovery and sexual empowerment. You have always been, and will continue to be at the heart of Skirt Club and what it stands for. Throughout this year, you have continued to attend our events, explore your desires and embark on a journey of discovery. We are a club. A force. An elite group of women, connected by a common idea. During this year, each time an obstacle has presented itself, we have overcome it. We are able to do that because together, we are powerful. United, we are strong.

We have had more successes than failures. Our community is at an all time high, our events are at peak attendance, our website is functioning at optimum capacity. We are written about, read about, talked about. We are visible and validated. We don’t live in the shadows of the sexual spectrum.

PersecutionAs we enter a New Year, we look forward to the new and exciting projects that come with it. Our future is filled with new prospects, positive changes and welcome ideas. We are on fire but it’s time to set the world ablaze. We want to be noticed and we want to be the ones who narrate our story. Skirt Club is not just a sex club, it is a sphere for liberation and self care. Skirt Club is unique.We are a community of like-minded women who are committed to sexual exploration as a means of self discovery and understanding. Our members come to our events because what they experience there teaches them something about themselves.

Our plans for this New Year reflect this shift in perception. We intend to create more opportunities for social interaction between like minded women; encourage more of our members to open up about fears or misconceptions; and explore alternative avenues of advice and support. We hope to guide you on every step of your journey, whatever stage you are at. We aim to reassess our approach so that we can tailor our offering according to your needs.

2020 will see us taking a new approach, but not a new direction. We will keep moving forwards. We want to pursue new things but only if they align with our brand. We intend to invigorate our community but only at an acceptable

Patriarchal prejudiceFor me personally, this new year is a clean slate. I am living my dream of joining the Skirt Club team and 2020 presents endless opportunity and limitless possibilities. This year my goal is to share my passion for Skirt Club with current members; new members and everyone in between. I am proud and privileged to be part of something I have such respect for. I am committed to preserving a legacy that I hold dear and to developing the potential of a business I believe in. I was inspired by the passion and dedication of our founder and I can only hope to do the same, inspiring others just as she inspired me.

So, bring on the New Year. And all the years after that. It’s never been an easy path for us. It will never be an easy path. We will always have to fight. And I for one, am wearing my armour and drawing my sword. Won’t you join the revolution?

This article was written by Queen Cassie, London's Skirt Club Community Manager. Cassie can be seen ushering guests into the most exclusive venues in London, singing 'Ave Maria' to quieten a crowd and teaming up with our Event Manager Seren Sins to concoct more deliciously sinful gatherings. 

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