Let’s not beat around the bush - it’s a very troubling time right now.

With everything going on around the world, it’s very easy to get lost on our phones or in the news. Or into a conversation that leaves us full of sadness or anxiety.

It’s never been more important to take care of ourselves, body and mind.

So here’s some tips for staying sane in quarantine, Skirt Club style.

Adapt your self-care routine

Life is fluid. So are your needs for self-care. So during this difficult time, it might be worth rethinking your current regimen.

Ask yourself whether the routine you have for going out and about still serves you the way that you need. Some good questions to ponder include:

  • How is the current situation affecting my sleep? Do I need to switch something up to improve my sleep pattern?
  • Do I focus best in the morning? After lunch? Or am I a night owl at the moment?
  • What are the current triggers for anxious feelings, and how do I mitigate them?
  • What are some quick and easy things to do when I’m feeling stressed or anxious?
  • How do I feel about my current exercise and bodycare rituals? 
  • What do I need the most in my life right now to help me feel secure, and centred?

Create a Haven within your House

One of the trickiest things when working from home is that you no longer have space that is delineated for work, and space that is reserved for non-work activities.

It’s hard - as we’ve moved into lockdown, your home space has become your live space, work space and relax space.

So why not dedicate a little corner of one room to be your haven - pop some candles there, a cushion or two - make it clean & cosy. And when you need a break, or a bit of headspace - head for the haven.

Wear that naughty négligée 

Yes, we know, it’s the new normal to take your Zoom meetings in pajama bottoms. And without a bra.

But once every while, take your hottest lingerie out of your drawer and wear it for the day. It’ll put a smile on your face, and make you feel sexy, and confident. We promise.

Practice Gratitude

Now more than ever, it’s a time to be grateful for the little things. That amazing cup of coffee. That beautiful morning birdsong. That peachy bum you saw on your short morning walk.

At the end of each day, write down 3 things you were grateful for. Doesn’t have to be big. Or world-changing. Sit and savour that gratitude for each thing, for at least 10 seconds. There is still so much beauty in life, and so many things to be grateful for.


Yep. We said it.

Masturbation and orgasms are amazing for decreasing your stress and helping you feel a sense of normalcy. Plus - we all need a little bit more pleasure in our lives right now!

If you’re finding it tough to get in the mood at the moment - we understand. The libido is often the first thing to suffer in times of crisis. Our advice would be to take things slow, and work your way up to it. Take a deep breath. Spend some time softly caressing your skin, or dedicate some time to reading erotica or watching some naughty videos. You might even want to make an addition to your sex toy collection.

Also - science has shown that masturbation boosts your immune system. Enough said, right?

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