Getting dressed up for your first sex party can feel like a really big deal. After all, it’s not exactly something you see discussed on fashion forums! And of course it’s a ‘what to wear’ question unlike any other. As the old saying goes, ‘you don’t turn up to the orgy naked!’

But while there are lots of articles out there discussing the merits of various kinds of underwear vs slip dresses vs sexy two pieces, jewellery is rarely mentioned. So here’s our Skirt Club guide to slipping in and out of all that glitters.

1. Show your style - for one night only ...

What you choose to wear at a sex party is all about what makes you feel confident. There’s quite a lot of psychology that goes into picking what you wear too, and that has a lot to do with what element of yourself you’re presenting. Maybe you have a favourite necklace you wore before you were coupled up, or a pair of earrings that signify you’re in a certain frisky mood, and when you put them on they amplify how sexy you feel.

But equally, maybe you DON’T want to wear what you’d put on for a standard night out. Maybe you want to wear something new and special that makes you feel a million dollars, and will only be reserved for such adventures. There’s no right way to choose - the choice is yours and yours alone. 

2. ...But Be Practical

Most of us wear jewellery every day of our lives, but most of us aren’t on our way to Skirt Club, where we may very well be thinking of undressing.

So think practically. If you are wearing an elaborate necklace over a dress, can people get close to you? Can you unhook yourself - or let someone else do it easily if you are wearing certain items of jewellery? Body jewellery can look really pretty but is it going to restrict your movement - and that of someone getting close to you? And if you do decide to take something off - or let someone else do it for you - where will you put the jewellery you were wearing?

If you’re wearing something so precious you’d be worrying about where it was or how it was if you took it off and slipped it in your bag, best to leave it at home.

3. Entanglement happens!

If you’ve never kissed a girl before, you might not be prepared for the ensuing clash of decoration! By that, we mean that bodies and faces in a clinch can result in jewellery entanglement - in particular necklaces and earrings.

It’s tricky to know what might entangle but if you have something particularly ornate that you’ve caught in a coat or top on your own, that might not be best to wear for Skirt. Equally, you might want to test any pieces you do select for the ‘spike’ factor - some jewellery pressed or scratched against female skin can really irritate.

Not that we are saying women are delicate little flowers or anything!

4. A note about wedding / engagement rings

Wearing your engagement or wedding ring is a really personal decision. It can of course be a really great way of sparking a conversation about your relationship status, and as acting as a kind of boundary for both you and the person back at home, reminding both of you that you’ll be returning (at some point!) to them.

On the other hand, if you’re coming to Skirt to experience the sensation of feeling footloose and fancy-free it might feel even more fun to take your ring off for the evening. It’s an entirely personal decision which makes no difference to Skirt.

That said, the only other practical reason you might want to leave a ring at home is if it’s loose - it would really spoil the night to lose something so precious amidst all the revelry.

“Once, after an absolutely debaucherous Skirt Club party, we found an earring under one of the beds. Who knows how it could have gotten there. It looked pretty fancy - and although it was a small stud, one of the hostesses recognised it as a diamond. Luckily, the next day we got a worried email from its owner and we were able to post it back to her!”

5. Forget something? Get in touch!

If you do end up losing a piece of jewellery at one of our events, don’t forget to get in touch - we will collect anything we find after the event is over. We also post a Lost & Found on our Instagram page, so be sure to check that!

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