The wonderful world of sexual exploration comes with its own colloquialisms: words and phrases we use to help us navigate the never-ending realms of liberation.

So slip inside and let us teach you how to communicate with creatures of the curious kind...

Bicurious - our speciality, ladies. Bicurious women make up the majority of our gorgeous group: women who want to dip a toe into the sea of sexual exploration. Curious but inexperienced, Skirt Club is the ideal environment for your first foray.

Baby Bi - someone who recently came out as Bisexual. Congratulations, we are here for you! And at Skirt Club, we are more than willing to show you the ropes, if you’re open to learning.

Pillow Princess -
a woman who enjoys receiving in the bedroom. As women, we don’t often put ourselves first, but Pillow Princesses have mastered the art of knowing what they want and how they want it. Who are we to say no?

Scissoring - one of the most famous, if not difficult girl on girl sex moves around. Lying on your side, legs open (you guessed it, like a pair of scissors), and connecting with your lady love in the most intimate place. When you get it right, it’s MAGIC. And for those other times, there’s RockHer from Wet for Her. You’re welcome.

Cliterference - When someone gets in the way of you flirting, making out, or having sex with a girl you're interested in. Woman to woman cock-blocking. We are all in this together ladies, let’s help each other out wherever we can!

Dopplebanger - A woman who is attracted to women who look just like her. Same hair, same eyes, same shape. After all, familiarity is relatable, and a great place to start...word of advice, you may not be the same in every way!

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