The following is one woman's account of the Sydney Arabian Nights party on Nov 5th 2016:

Most would agree that women are better at foreplay, so it makes sense that the foreplay for a Skirt Club play party actually starts in the days leading up to the big night. When I’m getting my nails done, my hair curled and my Arabian veil adjusted, I’m imagining what will unfold, and feeling good about myself increases the anticipation.

Walking through the door is an opportunity to leave behind the deadlines, the toddler tantrums, and perhaps the fear of being judged for being a little bit different.

I hardly know what to look at first when I walk in – the rose petals, the soft candlelight, the bowls of Turkish delight with dates and figs, the rows of champagne glasses….and then of course there are the outfits.

It’s not my first play party so I do recognise some faces but there are lots of new ladies as well, and one thing I love about Skirt Club is that women who don’t even know each other can start a conversation by admiring each other’s outfits. Everyone’s had some fun with the theme – there’s a lot of gold, sparkly headpieces and sexy shoes.

The cocktails are worth the price of admission alone, and after a few our appreciation for the belly dancer is pretty enthusiastic. Not sure that any of us mastered the moves when she tried to teach us, but it was fun to think that we might have come close!

A discussion on the concept of pleasure led by another lady is all that’s needed for some women - including me – to shed their clothes and start exploring.

I find myself on a bed with four other women and it feels like one of the erotic stories I read has come to life, because it’s hard to tell who’s touching who, and where. I can’t help but wonder how much a man would pay to be where I am right now!

I move to another room where there are some fairly energetic connections taking place, and meet a beautiful girl whose gentle nature builds to excitement along with my own.

At some point it becomes normal to walk around in lingerie, and I realise that a blonde lady has followed me into the other room and we kiss. For a while. She asks me to take her number so we can meet again.

I think I enjoyed this party more than my first one, perhaps because I was less nervous and knew what to expect. It’s a joy to be part of such a safe, sensual group of like-minded women.

I leave with my new jade pleasure egg, a bit of a hangover, and curiosity about how Skirt Club could possibly top that experience next time

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