Beatrice’s Story, Vienna

An ex-colleague of mine who I knew was bi told me and my boyfriend about Skirt Club. I was interested...the design and the behind-the scenes story were really intriguing so I signed up finally. A space meant for bisexual or queer women! 

I've told friends I know were also sex-positive about being bi, but I’m not telling everyone about it. All my friends know that I am in an open relationship and sex-positive though. I didn’t come out to my family because I don't see the necessity. 

I know that my parents and my sister would have no issue with my bisexuality but if my parents couldn’t talk to me about sex, protection and STDs, why should I tell them? I don't see the point, they could figure it out by themselves with all the queer parties I am attending

I think I could totally ‘come out’ but I’m also not talking about my sex life with my boyfriend with colleagues so why should I tell them about it with women? I know that they would ask because some men still don't have a clue how women can have sex together, talking from my experience with guy friends!

My partner and I have a very mature relationship and we feel compassion for the other one when we know they are going to meet someone. Of course there’s a lot of work and communication behind all this.

It didn't just happen overnight or fall into our lap. And since communication is the most important part in a relationship (at least for me) it is always important to ask questions, tell the other person how you feel about something.

Everyone is insecure about something. But you are valid. You can change your mind. Sexuality can be fluid or fixed for some and you don't have to define it. You do you!

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