The following is one woman's account of the NYC Gilded Angels party on Dec 10th 2016:

How can I describe my first Skirt Club event? Woman Magic . It was unlike anywhere else I've ever been . I felt giddy and nervous when I arrived and saw the sea of women before me. After a glass of champagne ,we all gathered for a beautiful welcome by Genevieve and I was immediately at ease. Following an empowering and educational speech from a sexpert -- everyone was ready to come together (pun intended). At every turn, in every room, were pockets of women in all states of play, communication, pleasure, delight.. words cannot do it justice.

I started slow, the friend I arrived with and I went into the jacuzzi on the absolutely breathtaking terrace -- and that's when the fun began. We were joined by beautiful and happy strangers and soon everyone paired up. I have been lucky to have met generous women in my past, but my experience is little. After some fun, a glass was broken nearby and we all left the tub and lost each other. But I knew we were all still enjoying ourselves. The night got more intense and sensual as it went on, and it was one I'll never forget. I had some firsts, and enjoyed some things I have before. At one point, I had a conversation about existentialism in a bubble bath with 3 other women.

Afterwards, I went home to my loving husband, who had given his blessing, and made love. I feel incredibly lucky to have shared this evening with women, being empowered, while also having an understanding, unbelievable lover at home. I appreciate that all women are welcome at skirt club without labels, and all I experienced there was love.

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