The following is one woman's account of the Berlin Gilded Angels party on Dec 17th 2016:

"I was a gilded angel, for one night in Berlin.

It’s a club with a concept that seems to have sprung straight from my mind. A guest list that reads as if it were from a fairy tale – a fairy tale about intelligence, beauty, respect, grace, curiosity, and desire. Club rules so clever and full of respect as can only be written by women. A series of stylish, worldwide events. Original mottos, brought to life in almost magical locations, a detail-obsessed organisation, wonderful special guests and fantastic drinks.

A fairy tale named Skirt Club.

I was very excited when I received the confirmation that I’d been selected for this exclusive club. I was even more excited to receive the invite for the first club party in Berlin via email. I had booked my ticket before my mind realised what I was doing. When I received my e-ticket, my heart and mind went out of commission. Back then, I could not know that this state would become my normal state of being from December 17th, 2016, 9pm onwards.

My man and I arrived in Berlin on the afternoon of the 17th. Hotel check in, a little dinner together, followed by a full spa treatment, to get my inner bearings. And so, a key account manager from Bremen became a gilded angel for a night in Berlin.

A quick drive through the rain, to the location, which had only then been made public. It was not one of the nicest parts of the city, and an almost scary, scantily lit doorway. The password: Mona’s birthday party. The door opens, and beyond, through a drafty hallway, there is Mona, the “birthday girl” for the night. A warm welcome, and a quick check of my credentials (to make sure I’m on the guest list). Then, the second door opens. Another drafty, dark hallway and just a few steps to the next door. Framed by white light and a multitude of noises. I opened it and crossed the threshold, my heart in my chest that stood still with anticipation, and my mind, which decided to remain without.

A modern hallway, warm and lit by candles. Reneè received me warmly. My insecurity and apprehension were swept away with one breath. Renée guided me along the hallway, at the end of which I was received with an honest smile and open arms by a flock of magnificent black angels. With my left hand, I received a glass of champagne, onto my right wrist was tied a black bracelet with a golden key. The key for the most breathtaking night of my life thus far. Every new angel receives this key at their first play party. You can use it, but you don’t have to.

Surrounded by beautiful women in white, gold, black – according to the motto – I quickly got talking. It was inspiring, relaxing and entertaining. Female prosecutors, police officers, models, doctors, psychologists, managers, artists, make-up artists, professors. Yet, we all have several things in common. We are beautiful, well educated, successful, but, more importantly, we share a reason for being here. We are women interested in women. Whether for a chat, a hug, a kiss, or more, each of us will decide on her own. Everything can, nothing has to happen. Respect is the magic word. Time flew and we were called to the main room of this huge apartment. Seventy delightful women, one more pretty than the next, on 30 square meters. The temperature seemed to rise. A quick welcome by Reneè, followed by an interesting, yet also entertaining presentation by Birgit Fehst about the evolution of monogamy and the power of women. We laughed, we pondered, and we asked questions. Then it got quiet. La Viola Vixen, Berlin’s burlesque queen, took the stage. She was breathtakingly beautiful and elegant, as she seduced us with her grace and her curvaceous body. Up close and very intimate. The perfect overture for a seductive night. And the cue for Angelic Adele. It was time for body shots. Sexy curves with a hint of nothing, in the middle of room, salt on their skin, a slice of lemon between their full lips. Three, two, one, and there was the first unchaste kiss, with thundering applause, and the first tequila of the night. The party had started!

Having lost their inhibitions, the angels dispersed across the rooms of the huge apartment. In one of the bedrooms, a game of “spin the bottle”, featuring an empty champagne bottle was played. In another one, it was “truth or dare”. One of my other “firsts” this night. A bedroom, 15 hot women, together with two black Skirt Club angels, and a stack of “truth or dare” cards in black envelopes. The game began. The group quickly relaxed, with questions about the hottest fantasies, the craziest places for masturbation, the first time with a women, erogenous zones. We laughed a lot, and found ourselves in many of the answers. Then, the first of us picked a “dare”. “Tell the women to your left what you find sexy about her”. So far so good. “Spend thirty seconds looking into the eyes of the woman you find hottest without laughing.” Still okay. “Kiss the woman on your right.” Let the games begin. Nobody had to play, we could stop at any time, or simply become active as a voyeur. The first dress fell, the first bra followed. There was caressing, kissing, more caressing, and licking. Hardly anyone still picked “truth”. When the last envelope was opened, the game had already taken on a life of its own. The last vestiges of clothing fell, and some ladies were already having fun on the king size bed. In the next room, some play partners had found each other on the two double beds. There was chatting in the hallway, and kissing as well. In the darkened living room, things got steamy as well. There was even cuddling in the kitchen, where the industrious angels took care of our earthly needs all night long, including cocktails. For me, it felt very harmonious, and, more importantly, very natural. I felt well received. I felt like I had arrived, had been accepted and respected. All in all, I felt great within my own skin.

My first time with a man took place the same year as my first time with a woman. From the dawn of my sexuality, I knew that men and women inspired me equally. But I had only ever had relationships with men. Contact with women was something I only had during my times as a carefree single woman. Now, I’m in the great situation of having a relationship with a wonderful man, who loves me and accepts me as I am, without reservations. Am I happy, then he is as well. He was the one who pointed out Skirt Club to me again, and who had accompanied me to Berlin. But this night was mine alone. For me and 69 other, incredible golden angels. I got to kiss some of them, lick one of them, I got to caress and was caressed. I had the fastest orgasm of my life, and, for the first time, felt the g-spot of another woman. For this night, that would be the last “first time”.

For this night, I was a gilded angel. Happy and inspired, I fell asleep in my man’s arms". Contributed by Skirt Club member @Okomi

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