By Jem Kawasaki

There is no shame in using, appreciating or loving lube. There, we said it!

Far from being some sort of dreary ‘medical' necessity, lube can enhance and even improve sexual play and exploration. Why it still has a bad rep or even for some, a cloak of shame is completely beyond us.

But let’s get real.

There are good lubes, there are bad lubes and well, there are some that are downright ugly. As a member or follower of Skirt Club, you’ll get where we’re coming from here. No femme-appreciating lover of luxury and bed-time sensuality will stoke the fires of her passions with a jumbo bottle of XXXL slip ‘n slyde. Our crowd has an eye for the finer things. We notice the candles, the cushions and the drapes. We like nice packaging and thoughtful marketing - again, no shame in this and no apology needed!

A lube for all seasons

Like the ingredients in your average slice of pie, not all will be to your taste. Just think of those people who insist that coriander/cilantro tastes like soap or the deluded people who say that violets taste like floor cleaner. A ‘one lube to please them all’ is impossible to find. Lubes all have differing core components, some are water-based, some are silicon-based, some have coconut oil and of course, not all are vegan friendly. Keep in mind that silicon based lubes will need to be washed off and some can you might want to keep it away from that silk lingerie, if it’s a particularly precious set! Similarly, while oil-based varieties can smell and feel great, they aren’t safe for use with condoms and are associated with higher rates of bacterial infections.

Vaginal dryness is common

The right lubrication can be a lifeline during sexual exploration and play. It’s important to remember that not all women produce a lot of natural lubrication, so penetration and certain sex acts can cause pain, friction, tears and bleeding if hands, penises or toys aren’t properly lubricated. It also goes without saying, but if at any point you experience discomfort, stinging or burning while using certain products - stop using them immediately. According to the Submissive Feminist, you should also avoid the following ingredients, so be sure to check the label before purchase.

  • Glycerin 
  • Petroleum 
  • Nonoxynol-9 
  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate 
  • Propylene Glycol

The internet is awash with anti-lube debates about whether or not lubes are a lazy crutch for boyfriends and how/when you ‘should’ use it. But like our sisters over at Feministing say - we also need to get over the idea that a ‘wet pussy’ is the marker for a positive experience for straight, cis males for the purposes of penetration only. As if this implies that our vaginas are or ‘should be’ constantly ready and available for consumption. Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat...we embrace lube with welcome banners and open arms and we definitely stand by the idea that better sex makes you a more relevant feminst.

Which lubes does Skirt Club like?

We’ve narrowed down a selection of our favourite products after crowd-sourcing intel from our trusty team of global hostesses, from Melbourne to Manchester. They have years of bedroom-based research under their you can trust us that these come tried and tested.You’re welcome.

Now...pass the lube, sweetie.


A popular brand that makes an appearance on any pleasure-based listicle round-up worth a mention - it’s a well respected product with a wide range of lines including organic, seaweed formula, hybrid and anal lube versions. It’s the Mother’s Pride of lube - a dependable staple found in most online stores.


Made in Germany, this silicon variety was one of the first of its kind on the market and still immensely popular today. The brand also now has a product specifically designed for women with sensitive/delicate skin as well as a ‘spa’ range of products.


We love these! Our hostesses especially love the OMG-spot serum, a minty product that comes in little packets and is also vegan. It’s supposed to increase the size and sensitivity of your G spot during sex. Similarly, we love the Unbound Jelly - slick but not sticky and with a hint of lemon and vanilla and for obvious reasons, the Clitoral Jolt Jell.


Follow the science! Flip has an advisory board made up of three research scientists and their ‘low osmolar’ ingredients are particularly good for anal, says Dr Goldstein. It’s all to do with the cushioning effect, you see. This brand decries the abundance of ‘bacon flavour nonsense’ going in some brands’ lubes (Flip, if you’re reading this, sorry about the last entry - look away now) and promote ‘slick, safe and sexy’ sex.

Dame: Alu Aloe Lube

Designed by women, run by women. Where do we sign!? Brought to you by the team behind ‘Dame’, this aloe based beauty is formulated to match your natural pH, is full of natural ingredients like green tea, flax, oat and hemp and has a handy little silicon sleeve around the bottle to prevent slippages!


Aside from the fact that the name sounds like one of your elderly Aunts (not an image you want in mind while getting down to it), this really is a gorgeous brand. They aim to “Make sex better for all people” which is definitely something we can get behind (or on top of, depending on your preference). The overall look of their lubricants is upmarket, like something from an exclusive spa and they avoid overly gendered themes and styles, to which we say a big fat YES!


Designed and devised straight out of the windy city (Chicago) but don’t let this put you off. The lube works as a massage oil, a hair defrizzer and - lord have mercy! - a spectacular product that wouldn’t look out of place on your vanity table. It even markets itself as an ‘anti-chafing solution for sporting protection,’ so is ideal for bedroom olympians of all persuasions.

Good Clean Love Almost Naked

Does what it says on the tin: fresh, clean and light. Our eco-conscious hostesses love the fact that it’s cruelty free and paraben free. It’s a great choice if you have any skin irritations or sensitivities and to top it off - the organic lemon and vanilla scent is dreamy.

Foria: Awaken

Never mind releasing the kraken, we’re all about awakening the inner goddess with this fusion product of CBD oil, botanical and aromatic oils. There are notes of coconut, chocolate and mint and the spray bottle has 30-50 uses. Reaches the parts yoga just won’t reach.

Pure Romance

We can’t pick just one because we urge you to peruse the product line for yourself. A pretty collection of products including ones with flavour/scent of cotton candy, whipped vanilla cupcake, red cream soda and pineapple paradise. These water, cream-based and warming lubricants won’t be everyone’s cup of tea of course but they’re definitely the kind of afternoon delight that we’d plump for instead of a scone.


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