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No matter what the city, Skirt Club always makes a splash. Join us for a cheeky roundup of highlights and snippets from some of the media's leading journalists and publications who have experienced Skirt Club first hand. Did they believe the hype? Was it as good for them as it was for us...and would they come back for more?

Check out some of our favourite insights below…


"The four women in the bathtub are so preoccupied with going down on each other, they don’t seem to notice me watching them. I’ve been walking around naked in this stranger’s penthouse for several hours now, and tucked away in every nook of the apartment, groups of women are equally engrossed in one another. In a closet across from the tub, a woman is using a vibrator and moaning loudly. The rest of the master suite is crowded with limbs and faces buried between legs. The air smells like sex, but sweeter…" Extract from ‘Inside Skirt Club, the Secret, Worldwide Sex Party for Bisexual Women’, Cosmopolitan (US)

“While each occasion includes some sort of main activity such as the body tequila table, more of the females appear to utilize the celebration as a networking chance than a sexual escape...of course the argument might be made that, in L.A., networking is eroticism. (If you're questioning whether I exchanged organisation cards with a captivating Englishwoman who explained me as Jodie Foster-esque, I did….) Extract from ‘At Skirt Club, women mix business with pleasure’, Bloomsburg Business.

“Women with honey-colored highlights and toned shoulders tipped back prosecco flutes and ate sea-salt-brushed dark chocolates...long-limbed women danced with each other and chatted on couches conspiratorially, knees touching. Hostesses in slinky feathered tops passed around "dares," red cards to encourage women to flirt with each other...” Extract from ‘Inside Skirt Club, a Group for Women Who Date Men and Have Sex With Women,’ Yahoo News.

"You don't want to play?" a handful of women must have asked me, one of whom engaged me in a ten-minute conversation in which she told me there was no one in that circle she'd want to kiss. "You're spicy, though. Makes me wet..." Extract from ‘Skirt Club: The Ultimate Expression of No Strings Attached’, Miami New Times. 

“Skirt Club events are very erotically-charged and equally sex-positive. Members are free to explore their sexuality with and around each other to whatever extent they feel comfortable...Skirt Club is meant to be a space for women to tap into their power (sexual and otherwise), to take risks and feel the effects of that boldness.” Extract from ‘I went to a women-only sex party that celebrates bi-curiosity and it was magical’, Bellesa Magazine.

“It is a wildly thrilling sexual experience. It is entirely liberating and it is revolutionary...you meet hot feminine women, women from all walks of life that you would never expect to be open to sex with other women. There are women, often very beautiful women, dressed up, then quickly undressed, making love everywhere you turn...experiencing gentle love making with another woman, and then hearing wild erotic tales from someone else..the sound of so many women coming...the female bonding that one finds there. It’s a place of peace! It’s a female zone. It’s a female utopia for a night!” Extract from ‘It’s a female utopia for a night’, Straight Magazine / Podcast. 

“When I arrived at the party, the atmosphere was toxically bewitching with cocktails, a female bartender, handmade chocolates, soft ambient lighting, and a dress code to impress for. At the end of the night, I found myself looking back with fondness at the events that transpired: an invigorating speech on dating by Hayley Quinn, a beautiful burlesque dancer, tequila shot races and much more. I can’t reveal all, because what happens at Skirt Club, stays at Skirt Club…” Extract from ‘Looking up the Skirt Club’, Filthy Media. 

“On a chilly Saturday night in New York City, I attended (a Skirt Club party) with my former lover and current friend. The event was held at a private penthouse in the Lower East Side. There was a large hot tub with an incredible view of the city, several bedrooms with pristine white sheets, and an extra-large bed upstairs. The lavish digs, themed drinks, and costumes were all quite intentional. There was lovely, panties-on, passionate sex ...there was also super hot sex up against walls, and spankings doled out from a variety of whips. There were conversations about perfume. There were women coming loudly. There was group sex. There was polite kissing in bathtubs….attending the Skirt Club party not only ignited my desire at the moment, but left me turned on for days to come...” Extract from ‘7 things I learned from an all-female sex party’, Refinery 29. 

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