The Art of Giving & Receiving

Givers: women who enjoy the rush of emotion that comes with putting a smile on someone else’s face. Knowing that something you have done has impacted the way someone else feels about themselves. A token of affection perhaps, or a simple offering that shows that they were on your mind. An homage to someone who makes your day just a little brighter. A symbol of your love for them. 

Receivers: women who are the willing recipients of such acts of kindness. Who enjoy being doted upon, perhaps who even thrive on being the centre of attention. Happy to indulge their partner’s love of giving, they lie back and enjoy the all too obvious perks that come with their position. They have their own ways of showing their appreciation, but relish in the impact they have had on others. It validates their worth, in a way that perhaps they don’t even realise.

Whichever role you play in this scenario, both givers and receivers have a pretty powerful and important purpose in a relationship dynamic. And by relationship, of course, we mean everything from friends, to lovers, to exclusively committed partnerships. Because a relationship can mean anything, to anyone. It can also mean absolutely everything, to some. Is there more meaning behind a gift of lingerie than simply wanting the recipient to feel sexy? Of course. It’s about knowing them: their size, their turn-ons, their relationship with their own bodies. A gift shows you care. It shows just how well you know someone. And as a recipient, well, there is surely nothing better than the gleeful delight that comes with every small token of appreciation. There should be nothing shameful about it whatsoever. You have your part to play: your gratitude and surprise even may show more to the giver than you will ever know.

This dance extends from thoughtful purchases to even deeper connections in the boudoir. After all, we all have our preferences there, too. I myself, am a giver. There is nothing more pleasing to me than watching the woman I am with moaning with delight at my touch. Nothing is a bigger turn on than watching her pulse quicken, her cheeks flush, and her back arch as I devour her inch by inch, awakening a desire in her perhaps lying dormant until now. I get excited by the thrill of giving pleasure: there is something so satisfying in doing so. I find it’s almost addictive. Tying her up? Sure. Some light teasing, bringing her closer to the brink of ultimate release? Absolutely. I aim to please and I take great care in making the experience a memorable one.

But what of the women who enjoy being on the other side of the action? There is pleasure to be found there, too. Communicating your desires: how to be touched, where, and for how long. Exploring just how much you can take, and pushing your limits is a thrilling endeavour. Watching as the pretty face you enjoy looking at so much dives in between your legs: her sole mission ensuring you open up in ways that perhaps you never have. You are the focus of her attention. There is no one else in the room, in the world even, at that moment. You are the queen and she is your willing servant. Is it wrong to give her exactly the kind of experience she craves? Not at all. Is it selfish to allow her to drown deeper and deeper into you? It’s what she wants. All you have to do is allow her the pleasure of giving. Something she does best.

This Galentine’s, we at Skirt Club encourage you to give in to your desires. Whether you are a giver or a receiver, there is always something you have to offer that no-one else can. So give the gift of giving this February: show the woman in your life just how much she means to you. Surprise someone. Surprise yourself. After all, rules are meant to be broken. Dare to be different and you may find that what feels good, can feel even better.

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